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North America » United States » Indiana » Evansville August 29th 2020

There wasn’t much else to do but to leave. We’d seen every property that looked like a possibility. The chances of new possibilities coming on the market were decreasing with summer’s end, and would grow ever sparser as winter set in. The market was now fairly tapped out, and we’d reached the end of our planned journey, and we were exhausted, and needed to get home. We just didn’t have another showing in us. And besides, we’d found our place. That place in Whitehall we’d seen early on, that place we saw again two days ago, that place we’d quite liked the first time, we’d fallen in love with the second time. It checked all of our boxes and then some. It was in a beautiful spot. And so there was little else to do but ... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Evansville July 25th 2012

Normal 0 We have survived another Mayhan/Gregory Reunion! Our 35th year! We are so very blessed to have such a wonderful family to get together with every year. The week was filled with swimming at the pool, putt-putt, horse races in KY, riverboat casino (thanks Dad and Stella for watching the kids!), Donut Bank donuts every morning (the very best donut in the whole world! – no donuts ‘til next year ;), visiting with the Seilers (we missed you Uncle Leo and Janice!), feeding the ducks, fishing (they were practically jumping out of the pond this year!), playing cards – hearts and euchre, lots of eating and visiting and laughing!... read more
Bob and Freddy and their fish
Even Mike caught one!

North America » United States » Indiana » Evansville May 22nd 2012

sure i should be posting more....truth tired...and were really not doing anything more than what we have been..every other day.... but this weekend we went to borde raids..even though we couldnt afford it..cuz we needed a se our mead hovel family....and to relax and have fun and drink/....i got way too drunk....its its been a while since i was that messed up so i guess i needed it... back here...waterscreening..paperwork..studying readings...which my partner brandon refused to help with.....see we get in groups to present readings we have...and then a blog we do t osum up the week for this field school...guess brandon thinks its unimportant to get together..cuz he ditched me...telling me all 5 times i asked...ill get with you never hes out with the cool kids at buffalo wild wings....and we ... read more
more stuff

North America » United States » Indiana » Evansville May 17th 2012

yeah i havent too tired...dead every night after work..just enuf energy to shower....get a little dinner..and then do the readings with jason these week is my week to present the readings with my group..its me and brandon....hes a skinny littel guyery cool tho..actually whose kinda quiet...drinking a bit now! so its me and him..gotta do 2 long readings and at teh wednesdya night ookouts we do..which was fun tonight but after a few beers....and siiting there listening to people talk..i think i am more tired than if i was doing stuff.......gotta get together with hi mand come up with something to rlak about..i guess summarize it...... been troweling 4 squares over these days...tired....dirty......hungry......tired..sore....tomorrow i start water screening.........gah! what more to say....10:30 and im going to bed... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Evansville May 14th 2012

long story short....we dug...starting at teh top of the north wall..learned how to get the depth and the coordinates..and started digging.......i found a human finger bone and a metatarsal #5......which sucks..because then theres a ton of crappy paperwork and measurements you have to take...find too many and it could close that section down..nagpra sucks ass.....but it was still kick ass to find some cool shit...tons of pottery sherds as well....but lucky me found the human stuff.....good day. need to get more sunblock already.....everyone is hanging out or going to see avengers...we are too poor.....ill just stay in and hang out with friends and get the readings and logs and journals that need to be done read and filled out. over beer of course so it makes it fun! also need to go buy more beer.....trying my ... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Evansville May 12th 2012

yeah im late in writing this...ive been drunk since thursday night.....WIN! seriously tho..after work we all came home and napped..and recovered and then went swimming in the pool....very nice and what a nice pool too! theres even a shade area i can mostly hang out in..the pool has a nic ledge you can sit on with jets...not like a hot tub but it does help with the stiffness...a bit....when it gets hooter later im sure this will be even more refreshing.....after that we all went out to a local dive bar. not too far from these aartments, its called the duck.....tiny little place where its mostly old folks and its all country....but hey...the older crowd doesnt tend to want to knife its cool. boy did we get tore up! the other student here around my ... read more
making the waterscreens
looking at a talk about the stratigraphy in the trench

North America » United States » Indiana » Evansville May 10th 2012

today we got up early ( iwas awake at 5 am....oddly it is nice i wake up this early again, and i got to listen to npr, make coffee and breakfast in plenty of time to relax, listen to bbc....nice to just be quiet in my room and not wake the roomoes) get to the site and watch some presentations on bioarchaeology, which is what i am interested as well, the one girl who is alike a supervisor, thats her specalty, and is doing research on the skeletons from angel mounds in the 40's. watch another one about the palisades ( the giant walls around a site with bastions for protection) theories about that, more history, very cool. then to the site....time ot clean those walls up, dig out the backfill and get teh walls and ... read more
our meeting palce rock in the mornings
our tables at the angle mounds museum..this is where we meet and discuss powerpoints...
the site

North America » United States » Indiana » Evansville May 10th 2012

woot..we can barely get internet from our balcony....lets hope it holds...and to make up for my being grumpy in the last post..heres some pics.... read more
another view of clubhouse
bill monahan
prof jeremy in the trenches

North America » United States » Indiana » Evansville May 9th 2012

ya know what i just love? writing a big ass blog about yoru day and then hitting some key you didnt know existed...evidently ....that locks up your computer....and you can type or move your so to hell with thsi blog today,,,and the pics....ill updat this tomorrow....long story short? tired...starved myself to loose a few pounds that i guess 1 beer will put on you....hcg diet can kiss my ass from now pissed about done. site is cool....learned a lot about how to start doing archaeology....walked all over this big site...come bed for roomie....tired.....ugh ill do this tomorrow....gah... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Evansville May 8th 2012

well this morning i got up at 5 am...jsut so this little snot could get down ehre first to make sure i wasnt the girl who had to sleep in the living room. now i dont wanna bitch..oh who am i kidding..seriously tho..we all pay 600 bucks for this field school.....i dont think its fair to not have a bedroom...but i digress... this place is nice...and after a 4 hour drive on my own..whihc was really scary....i got down here just fine and hauled all my stuff up to our seconf floor apartment..i didnt think it wpuld be this nice but it im all in my bedroom.....and have dinner made. evansville indiana seems liek az really nice town and the apartments are only a short way from angle mounds. i am glad they have a ... read more

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