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May 22nd 2012
Published: May 22nd 2012
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Amnesty International is a global movement of people who fight for unfairness and injustice and promote the human rights. They work to protect people who face issues where they don't recieve justice, truth, freedom, etc. Their main goal is to create a safer world for people to live in. While fighting for human rights, the three tactics they use are Research, Action, and Advocacy. One of the articles that I read was about the abolishment of the death penalty in Connecticut. Amnesty International felt that it was definite violation of human rights because protecting human rights means limiting government power. They feel that the the government is wasting millions of dollars on death row when the money can be used for to support policies that will be beneficial to society. I agree with everything that Amnesty International is doing because one way to get the US out of debt is to stop wasting money. Putting a person on death row doesn't really solve anything. It just means one more person is dead. I feel the Amnesty are doing a great job protecting the people and I support them.


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