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March 13th 2012
Published: March 19th 2012
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KONY 2012

1. My article was about Joseph Kony. Joseph Kony is a man in Uganda who kidnaps children and ruin their lives. He takes them from the parents and turns the girls into sex slaves and the boys into soldiers. He makes them kill their own parents and mutilate people's face. This is very tragic and sad because I am a young adult and I get to live a happy life while my people in another country are faced with things that I could never imagine. I feel like it is my job to do something. Watching the video of those children made me cry because it's so many of them who are facing devastating times. Kony has been doing this for 26 years and this is just now going national. I feel like if it was something else that possibly had to do with another race or maybe if it was something in the United States, we would've known about it the first few minutes it happend. But, I guess it's better now than never.

2. My current event article relates to things we have talked about in World History because we have talked about the slave trade and how the Africans were taken away from their native land to come to America and become slaves. This is similar to Kony because he is taking the children away from their people and turning them into sex slaves.

3. There is no evidence of cause and effect, at least I don't think, because nothing is causing Kony to do this. It's obvious he just wants power.

4. I just want to know what is his purpose in doing this. And does he have children. How does he feel tormenting the lives of innocent children who have a future. Just why?


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