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March 11th 2010
Published: March 4th 2010
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Des Moines, IA

The DrakeSMART GreeterThe DrakeSMART GreeterThe DrakeSMART Greeter

Will the real Queen's Guard be as menacing?.....Time will tell.
(Written March 4th, 2010)

Well, I attended my last pre-trip PADM-282 class meeting at Drake University in Des Moines last night so I thought I’d give this whole Travel Blog thing a test run. Last night was fun. Dr.’s Meyer and Noe seemed to be just as excited as I am, as did my fellow DrakeSMART travelers. I wish I had been able to attend more of the informational meetings but that 6hr (roundtrip) drive is a tough one on a Wednesday night, right Sarah?

It’s exactly 1 week till I depart for Copenhagen, Denmark. Having never traveled abroad, I am sure to be in for the experience of a lifetime! The good news is that I think I have everything in order: My dog will be in good hands, my bills for the month have been paid and my credit card companies have been informed that they will be receiving strange, excessive charges from Europe. My bags have been packed, thanks in part to the Rick Steves packing cube set I purchased on Amazon (thanks for the tip, Ann!). Tomorrow when I take Mia in to the vet’s office for her yearly shots I will weigh my suitcase
Last Pre-Trip Class Last Pre-Trip Class Last Pre-Trip Class

'10 DrakeSMART travelers in class at Drake University.
on their dog-sized scale to make sure I am within weight limits.

I have packed medications for every possible occasion. I’ve transferred all of the remastered stereo recordings by The Beatles on to my iPod (priority), purchased a book to read on the flight (Da Vinci Code), and have a cool multiplug adapter that will allow me to charge electronics in every country I visit (be jealous, MacGyver.) Passport, tickets, drivers license = all in a safe place.

Yup, I think I’m all set to go. If you experienced travelers can think of anything I have missed please let me know! I have my fingers crossed for free Wi-Fi on the flight(s), so look for a mid-flight update because it’s gonna be a LONG trip!

* NOTE: I have added every email address I have on file to my Travel Blog list, meaning Face Book friends I haven’t spoken to since the Augie days (and before) will be receiving blog updates. I haven't talked to some of you in a while, but I hope you will find this interesting!

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Last Pre-Trip ClassLast Pre-Trip Class
Last Pre-Trip Class

Dr. Meyer telling us something important.
Bags PackedBags Packed
Bags Packed

Yup. Everything I need for 3 weeks is right here!

5th March 2010

Great, son!
I am so very excited for you, son. I can share your joy with you through this format. Who would have thunk it? Thanks for doing this for all of us who love you. Love, Mom
5th March 2010

Just because we don't talk as much doesn't mean I'm not inerested. Have an awesome trip and take lots of pictures!
5th March 2010

I'm sure you are going to have a great time. I'll be here trying not to be too jealous! Mike and I will miss you more than we will admit, I'm sure. Who will we play with while you are gone? lol. Have FUN, but not too much. ; )
5th March 2010

Jealous? -- You bet!
Jealous? You bet! Please take lots of pictures of WWII battlefields and any former Concentration Camps you might visit . . .
6th March 2010

Good Luck, and have fun on the other side of the pond. Sounds like an awesome trip. I would love to spend another St. Patrick's Day in Ireland. Have a Guinness or 3 for me.
10th March 2010

Write more!
C'mon! I want to hear more. . . you sound so incredibly organized! What's the itinerary?!

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