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August 28th 2012
Published: August 28th 2012
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Well talk about bad luck? I went to check into the airlines and guess what I did? Cancelled my trip. Yes sir re........ It only gets worse from here. I called to fix it and found out that I cancelled my airline ticket. Did I mention it was non refundable ticket...... Can I say shit on T.V...... Shit on T.V. Thank god I got that out of the way. So 775 bucks down the tube, so far. O.K. lets all take a breather and laugh.......Now as you might think in order to get a flight out and get this started it will costs in the area of 5.345 million dollars. Your probably still laughing 😉 Well as luck would NOT have it, it's probably close to the 5.345 million anyway. I have a travel agent looking into it as we speak, but things are not looking good. So, I'm going to take step back and collect my thoughts. And laugh.

If this trip goes south on me I think I just might jump on my motorcycle and ride around the whole outer perimeter of the United States of America. Yep, I just might do that.

Life is good, it really is and I still have a great family and I'm blessed. This has got to be a sign.

Love Ya All,



28th August 2012

This is the Hare way. I am thinking this is a sign. You might want to take this pause and listen.
28th August 2012

No Matter What QUIT SMOKING!
To those of you that said you would quit. PLEASE STILL QUIT! I do not want ANY of you to have to every deal with Cancer.
31st August 2012

gotta laugh, gotta cry...
THIS IS A SIGN! I say get on your motorcycle and ride! Dave and Jessie rode around the whole United States over 8,000 miles in 15 days when she was 17 . he told her she neede riding experience and told her they were going to do "one quick lap" they rode through rain storms, snow and every kind of weather. encountered a few problems but made tons of memories they will both treasure. so many beautiful places in he United States. they also rode across across America with the Triumph motorcycle 100th Anniversary

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