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November 1st 2007
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As when anywhere, one must feel their way around unfamiliar places. Learn the ins and the outs as it were. After scouting the lay of the land, learning and participating in tribal dances, traveling for what seemed for miles in primative transportation and finally finding our way through a jungle.... we began to understand the ins and outs of this land.

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Scouting the LandScouting the Land
Scouting the Land

Although at times dangerous, Pablo found the best route for us to take
Tribal DancingTribal Dancing
Tribal Dancing

This was actually quite difficult. I finally got it with the help of a local and a Hank Williams tune.
Primative TransportationPrimative Transportation
Primative Transportation

It took what seemed for hours, days really, to finally get to our final destination.
Lost in the Jungle!Lost in the Jungle!
Lost in the Jungle!

Then, when we were so close to our destination, LOST! Lost in a hopeless situation. Which way to go? The jungle is cruel.
And FINALLY the IN!!!And FINALLY the IN!!!
And FINALLY the IN!!!

We've traveled so long and were so very tired and in need of the final destination. There, we are finally there.
And OMG, finally OUT!!And OMG, finally OUT!!
And OMG, finally OUT!!

The long trek was worth the time and effort. We finally learned the ins and OUTS of traveling in this distant land.

2nd November 2007

Well, it seems to be working just fine, Kathy. I just wet my pants. I'm impressed by your techieness!
5th November 2007

You have just made me almost wet my pants! I love how you and bruce are walking in one loo, and out the other! Keep it up, love you and miss you both. Rizzo
6th November 2007


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