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North America » United States » Illinois » Geneva May 26th 2013

After the amazing adventure that I had with the penguins in South Africa, I have been counting down the days until I could stretch my travel wings again. In 4 hours, I'll be headed to the international terminal of the airport again. This time, I'm exploring Central America. I have NO idea if I'll be able to blog again. I hope so, because I had a ton of fun with it last year. But, if I can get a solid internet connection, here's what I'll be talking about: A week of intensive Spanish courses at the Costa Rican Language Academy, while staying with a host family... 2 weeks of sea turtle conservation at Proyecto Buena Vista in Playa Samara 5 days of fun in the sun with my family, in a beach house, because ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Geneva October 17th 2012

I am writing this last entry from the plane on my second of two flights that is taking me back home to Chicago. For the sake of closure, I want to do one final post. I have thought of posting often over the past few weeks, but the longer I have stayed living at Aviva and working at Sanccob, the less my experiences have felt like “travel blog” experiences. Instead, my days and nights have begun to feel more like going to work at a job that I love and hanging out with people who have moved from acquaintances to friends. All the way to the last day, there were still “new” things that I felt like I was learning and doing at Sanccob. But, in many more ways, I pretty much knew what to do ... read more
Off to swim with seals!
How cute are they?
Me and a seal...

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