Happy Birthday to Mark!

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July 12th 2008
Published: July 12th 2008
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It's Mark's birthday! He's still in China...but we talked a couple times and the kids and I sent him a movie I made with Windows Movie Maker...came with my Dell. He was very impressed, since he's the one that does things like make movies. I took videos on my camera of the kids and just put them together with that software and added an opening title and credits. It was fun. Hardly a professional job, but the best part was watching Mark watch the movie via Skype this morning. I woke up at 4am...partly due to the fact that Mark joked about how that would be the most convenient time for him to talk, since it's when he's done with work but hasn't gone to dinner yet. 4 am here is 5pm there. I woke up at 4am and at about 5am Mark and I connected online. I went to bed again after we talked. While we were talking, someone knocked on his hotel door. It was someone from the hotel bringing him a big birthday cake! So nice. I can't take credit--I think his staff in China made arrangements. Or, they noticed his birthday on his passport? Either way, very nice.

I am including a picture of Mark at the trade show he's been attending the last few days. He gave a talk yesterday and had someone from his office with him translating. He said it went well, but he was not sure anyone understood. He said he did have good pictures, and that's key to a presentation! I'm sure he did a great job. What an experience. I wish I could have been there.

We all miss Mark and Mark misses us. This is the longest he's been away from all of us. It will be almost a month. He's due back on the 21st. As we've learned, things can change and if they do, we'll deal with it.


12th July 2008

Happy Birthday, Mark!! And congratulations on the cinematic birthday message, Suzanne! Now, in the months to come, when I wake up at 4am, and turn over to catch a few more hours of sleep, I will think of you all sitting down to dinner.
14th July 2008

Hey Guys -- I'm so glad you are doing this Blog Suzanne as I feel very out of touch with you... but that is no reflection of how much I think of you! Here's to hoping we can get together this week! And, of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mark! --Malia

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