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June 24th 2008
Published: June 25th 2008
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emily reads her cardemily reads her cardemily reads her card

Nathan made Emily a great card from the 3 of us.
Mark is leaving for China tomorrow. He'll be there for 3 1/2 weeks (hopefully less, might be more). Tonight we are having a pre-birthday party for Emily and Mark since he'll be gone for both events. I ran around today getting that pulled together. Emily keeps getting annoyed that I'm not wishing her happy birthday every 15 seconds (this morning: Me: it's not your real birthday, we are having a party today for you AND Daddy...Em: I know...ME: ok...Em: then wish me a happy birthday party day...Me: happy birthday party day!...and so it goes! In the Slaven family tradition, we tend to celebrate birthdays the entire birthday month. However, starting the month before one's birthday is unchartered territory.

We think we got into the school we applied to, but haven't gotten formal notice from the school. Once we do, we have to send them a huge check, so we are not hurrying the process. If something goes wrong and we are delayed in our move, that's a mighty big chunk of cash to be putting down on those school spots.

I am entering the freak out stage of the pre-move. I know, I will be okay. But, there is a LOT to get done on my own in the next 3 weeks.

We had a nice dinner, followed by presents, cake, and a very long drawn out bedtime routine. We are driving Mark to the airport in the a.m. so I have to now go make lunches, pack backpacks help Mark finish packing.

The plan is for Mark to finalize our apartment plans during this trip. Stay tuned!


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