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North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 20th 2007

There's this great singer named Sufjan Stevens who sings about Chicago in a few of his songs. The song "Come On! Feel the Illinoise!" is where I got the title for this journal entry. I've been to Chicago three times now in the past year and a half, and each time, I fall more in love with it. The past two times I went (back in March and this past weekend) was to see some friends who I made in Vienna. I just got back yesterday from a great trip there. I took the wonderful cheap Megabus there and back, and stayed with Alex (my roommate in Vienna) at her uncle and aunt's beautiful house. They were out of town and let us house sit for them (they have lots of plants that need watering, and ... read more
I love the self-timer feature on my camera
Alex floating around

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 18th 2007

The Sears tower previously held the record for the highest building in the world, so we had to go to the top of that. To get to the top, you had no choice but to go on "the tour". First of all we had to sit down and watch a video about the tower as "it's part of the tour". It was actually quite an interesting video, but I'm going to moan about it as I don't like being told that I have to do things. Next the queues were awful - not helped by the fact that we all came out from the video together, which meant that everyone crowded to the lifts in batches. Then, when we got to the top, it was seriously over crowded and there was another massive queue to come ... read more
 Sears Tower View
Route 66

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 17th 2007

Now being in San Francisco and flying out of New York I encountered a problem. I'm on the wrong side of the country. Realising i need to get to the east side i looked at my options. Then ignoring the logically part of my brain i got the bus to Chicago! On the 14th I started my journey. Now travelling by bus across the country ain't as simple as it sounds. I had 2 transfers. Starting in San Francisco it was across to Salt Lake City with a pause in Reno. Now even though i was going to live on a bus for a few days the views along the way were cool. For such a big country with big over populated cities there is still so much open space. Leaving San Fran there was a ... read more
From the Sear's Tower

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 17th 2007

We weren’t looking forward to the nightmare that is US customs and immigration, but we discovered at check-in that these are actually cleared in Canada and then you effectively fly domestically. We were hence spared the queues from hell when we got to Chicago. Our arrival in Chicago wasn't without some grief however as the traffic from the airport was a horrendous and it took us about two hours to get to our hotel. We took an airport bus, which we initially thought was a mistake, however it was a fixed price so it saved us from the stress of watching the meter clocking up in a taxi whilst we crawled along. After only a couple of hours walking in Chicago we also realised how psychotic their taxi drivers are. Red lights definitely don’t apply to ... read more
Hancock Tower View
The Water Tower
The Wrigleys Building

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 17th 2007

We made it to Chicago. We spent the day with our friends, Paul and Corinne in Plainfield - a suburb of Chicago. We had a great day on their boat on the lake, went swimming and had great Talapia fish and tomato bread for supper. There are horse farms, hunting clubs and lots of wildlife, swans and deer here. We had a great visit.... read more
Ruffled Feathers
Dave on Paul's Boat
Campsite - Day 3

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 17th 2007

Since the main purpose of this blog is to show my relatives (who rarely take vacations), and those of you like them, that it is possible to vacation affordably with the family, my Chicago entries wouldn't be complete without a spending wrap-up. Knowing we'd already gone away this summer, I didn't allocate a large budget for this getaway. I wanted to spend no more than $500. The good news is, we didn't overspend. Our total for 5 nights was $481.98. Here's how it breaks down: Lodging: free (gotta love staying with the relatives!) Groceries: $50.80 (Super Wal-Mart; we packed lunches each day. Any other meals not detailed below were eaten at home) Eating out: $73.29 Details: McDonalds on the road going: $13.23 McDonalds at Navy Pier: $13.00 Coffee and donuts on the road $9.52 Chicago Style ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 17th 2007

Hey all, While many of you may not be paying attention right now, I just wanted to give you something to read for the next two weeks. I'll officially start writing again once I leave for Russia, but I've given a lot of people this address, and as much fun as India is to read about I thought a place holder would do too. Preparation entries aren't really my style, plus there isn't a whole lot to detail. Enjoy the last bright days of August and we'll talk soon. Soon to be... From Russia With Love... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 16th 2007

Oklahoma After Amarillo we drove through Texas to see the leaning tower of Texas and the u drop inn where they had a really old filling station , that was very art deco. Further along in Oklahoma we went to the route 66 museum there which was really good. We spent the evening in the brickhouse area of Oklahoma city which is where all the bars and restaurants are by the side of the canal, it felt a bit like Manchester! In the morning we went to the cowboy & western heritage museum, lots of John Wayne everywhere, we learned a lot about rodeo though! Jon went into an old Jail cell, basically a metal cage in a room! The bomb memorial in Oklahoma was quite chilling, 168 people died there in the bomb of 1995- ... read more
Prison cell at cowboy museum
Oaklahoma city bomb memorial

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 15th 2007

Wednesday was the last day of our mini vacation to Chicago. We packed up all our stuff and got an early start because we had one more attraction to hit on the way out; The Museum of Science and Industry ( This was another cheap activity for us, because of the reciprocal admission. This museum also has lots of unadvertised free parking. If you follow the signs to the museum's parking garage, you'll pay $12. However, if you drive around to the back of the building, you'll be able to access a free parking lot off of Lake Shore Drive. There were plenty of spots available back there even on a busy day at the museum. You'll bypass the main entrance and enter through an door marked Space Center, but there are ticket booths at that ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 14th 2007

There was no way on earth that I would be able to drag the in laws to another museum now, even their children were balking at the idea. So we had to split up a little and go our seperate ways. I really wanted to get down to see the Field Museum ( which is right next to the Shedd Aquarium. We were too exhausted yesterday to see it. The cousins wanted to play baseball at the park and my own kids wanted to join them. So, my husband drove me into the city and dropped me off and then took the kids out to have fun. Seeing the Field Museum by myself really worked out well. My husband's family had warned me that this museum had bored their children in the past and I ... read more
The Field Museum

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