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March 9th 2013
Published: March 10th 2013
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1. If I had to choose to live in either the old world or the new world I would pick the old world. I would rather live in the old world because back then the their were less preservatives like trans fats, saturated fats, high sodium … and most of the people had a balanced meal. I would also rather live in the old world because it looks like there were more foods to chose from, but yes there were more diseases spreading because they didn’t know what some foods were and how to treat the plants if they were infected.

2. A family recipe that makes us Mexican is different kinds of fajitas, but I’m going to tell you how to make chicken fajitas. You will need:

2lb. of chicken breast (Old world)

2 green sweet peppers, 2 yellow sweet peppers, and 2 red sweet peppers (both)

2 jalapeños (new world)

2 tomatoes (new world)

2 medium onions (old world)

2 garlic pieces (old world)

1 spoon of achote in powder (new world)

2 spoons of chicken flavor bouillon (new world/old world)

½ of a spoon with oregano (both)

A pinch of black pepper and salt, you can also add more ( old world )

How to prepare

Ø 1st start the grill

Ø 2nd put the chicken breast on the grill until it’s a little more than half cooked, when it’s not red in the middle

Ø 3nd you have put the pan on the stove with a low flame with about 6 spoons of oil

Ø 4th cut the chicken breast into strips

Ø 5th cut the sweet peppers Juliana style

Ø 6th also cut the onions Juliana style

Ø 7th put the strips of chicken into the pan and start frying them

Ø 8th continue, cut the tomatoes

Ø 9th put everything once the chicken is ready with about 4-5 spoons of water

Ø 10th finally, put in the achote, oregano, and the chicken flavor

I think this plate represents the old world more because most of the ingredients needed for this dish were ingreidients from the old world like black pepper.


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