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April 17th 2012
Published: April 17th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Create a TOP TEN list of the best experiences you've had or things that you like about UIC College Prep. Each idea must be expressed in complete sentences - for example:

Alicia's List
#1 - Friends

Since I am a transfer, making friends was hard. Luckily I found a few that I know are my real friends.


When I transferred into UICCP, I joined the cheerleading team. On the I i met people & developed some associates.

#3- Advisor

I never had an advisor until I came to UICCP. Ive grown to understand that my advisor truly cares about me succeeding.

#4- Advisee Sisters

My time being at UICCP has made me become close to my advisee's and for a few of them, I can consider like a big sister.

#5 Security Guards

i like that we have security guards at school. They care about the schools safety. At my old high school, we didnt have security guards.

#6 Office Hours

I haven't always liked office hours, but they are very helpful. I realized that most schools dont offer them, you have to find a way to talk to the teacher yourself.

#7 Ipads/Technology

The fact that UICCP likes to keep up with technology is a plus in my book. Many schools dont have the support to have decent desktops, but here we make a way to have nothing but the best and make sure its enough to supple.

#8 Food

Im not a huge fan of the food they serve us, but I understand that the food choices are for our health. At my old high school, we had a large variety of unhealthy food.

#9 Fitness Test

All schools aren't strict on their kids being healthy or in good shape but here the teachers make it mandatory for us to be fit.

#10 Teachers

The teachers really care about the students. The teachers always make a way so that thee students can succeed in the class & throughout the school year.


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