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December 11th 2011
Published: December 11th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

What is Shoe Gazing?

Some people believe that shoe gazing is related to the British alternative rock movement in the 80s and 90s, where the person in front of the microphone would spend more time staring at his shoes than the audience. In fact shoe gazing is taking photos of your own feet.

Have you ever practiced shoe gazing?

Yes! there have been a couple of times when I have practiced shoe gazing because I liked the shoes that I had on or simply because I wanted to see how my feel looked.

Many people participate in shoe gazing because they are comfortable in their own shoes. They see their own beauty that way. When we think about current American culture, do you believe they are certain attributes that are considered to be "the beautiful norm"? Who establishes this norm of what "beauty" is?

Yes! there are certain things in American Culture that are considered to be "beautiful" such as having a small nose rather than a big nose or being thin. In my opinion, people are the ones that establish what beauty is because of the things that they wish they had. For example, a person might think a small nose is beautiful rather than a big nose because other people have small noses, and if it fits the person's facial features.

What do you personally find to be beautiful in yourself or others? Explain (be thoughtful and appropriate)

In all honesty, I believe that every single person is beautiful inside. The outside does not determine how beautiful a person is inside because looks fade, and if a person is beautiful outside but is rotten inside, then that person is not truly beautiful. Yes this person will attract others but those people will look past that person's looks and their initial attraction will fade away. "A beautiful person" is define by their actions.


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