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September 19th 2011
Published: September 20th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

1.) In class, we are dicussing gendar roles in class. During the rise of early civilization, women did mos of the work. The women farmed, gathered fruits and vegetables, and also domesticated life stock. This article is stating that now women are doing the same jobs as men and still not getting the credit or money that they deserve.

2.) From this article, I learned that the work place is unfair.If I were to ever become the owner of a company, I would personally make sure that all people we treated equally and paid equally for accomplishing a task. Women make far less than men and it is not fair.

3.) I come from a single mother. My mom is a secratary at a court reporting service downtown and her work place is prodominately female. As I was reading this article I began to think if the men that my mom works with made jsut as much money as her even though she has been working there for the past 14 years? The part of this article that made me think of this question is "Female secretariesm for instance earn 83.4% as much as male ones (Equal Pay and the Gendar Gap: Men Still Outearn Women)."


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