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March 4th 2010
Published: March 4th 2010
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After my lifelong track record of making bad choices, wrong turns, and a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I'm sure most of you have heard by now that I have just made my worst bad choice and wrong turn--throwing away my life in the USA to teach English to school children in China.

I don't know what possessed me to do this, either. But then I don't know what possessed me to take a gap year after high school, waste 6.5 years obtaining a lowly BA in history, humiliate myself in Dubai, pick the wrong internship in Washington, devote 6 months to the failed prospect of COP15, and generally mismanage my life to the point of my becoming a global drifter with few prospects of ever living a settled and prosperous existence.

It's all in the name of adventure. I'm headed to Cambodia as I speak for basic TESOL training (English teacher training)--I'm not sure how I feel about Cambodia. It's a cheap place to live when you are broke, however--which I am to the point of being in debt that I may never be able to pay off. I'm training with the LanguageCorps, which looked by far the most fun, and the best deal for the money. Theoretically, I will move back in the Cincinnati region in a year. In reality, this may not happen as written.

Everything's in place after a long consular struggle and money-burning spree. Right now, I'm in Chicago just waiting for the plane to Seoul, which will take me to Phnom Penh. I was unhappy to discover that I have been assigned the dreaded Seat E, also known as the Middle Seat or the Seat of Fourteen Hours of Sleepless Misery. This is the very reason I wish I'd slept more than 4 hours last night.

Now about this blog. I find that keeping a blog is preferable to sending out a mass email on a semi-weekly basis to everyone I know. I'll update as often as I can, which might be every day, or might be grudgingly once every several months--depending on what happens to me, and my state of mind.

Please subscribe to my blog, or at least stay tuned. It means a lot to me when people read my blogs.

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6th March 2010

This is actually the first blog I fully read on the internet and I have to say I enjoyed it haha.. (usually I stop reading after 2 sentences). I'll definitely subscribe, because you seem like a great storyteller :-p Good luck in Seat E! :-D Daniel
7th March 2010

Thanks for the support. Glad you like it. I will do my best not to disappoint. :D
7th March 2010

Wow Liz ! I never knew you were such a great writer. Good luck in China and I look forward to seeing more of your entries.
7th March 2010

Thanks Nathan, good to hear from you!
8th March 2010

Glad you made it safely. Hope it turns out to be a lot of fun.
8th March 2010

Oh God, I've had that seat. There you are back with the first time flyers, pigs and goats. Hopefully it was good that you didn't sleep much the night before and just collapsed from exhaustion. btw, I will subscribe to the blog!
10th March 2010

Thanks for reading Alan and Frank (who is also my dad). The plane ride went a lil better than expected and I actually slept about 7 or so hours.

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