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June 26th 2009
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Have you seen the movie, The Truman Show? I have decided that is what is going on here. It seems impossible that things are really as they seem! The day we went to Shoshone Falls, the falls were at full capacity, which means they were as beautiful as they could get! The weather here has been rainier than it has ever been, but it has been perfect since we got here! Yesterday, we went to eat at Norm's Family Dining, which is the restaurant owned by Vicky, one of the "original 16," but I was wrong about what number she is. We had an INCREDIBLE breakfast! Then she took us over to show us her Catering Room. It is the neatest place where she caters meals. She has an assortment of furniture and dishes, all of which were obtained from yard sales, estate sales and auctions! When people want to have an event there, they can come choose which tables they want, what colors they want to use for decorations, and which dishes they use!! Then she showed us her karaoke machine, and it took just a little bit of encouraging her, but she sang a beautiful song for us. Then the boys - Ty and Jake and Tristan and Ethan, sang Hound Dog!! Josie wasn't there, because she was still with Rhonda and her granddaughters!

So, anyway, on with the Truman Show . . . We had to take the air conditioner to get fixedcar to get the air conditioner fixed, and, since we were already "out that way," Jeff decided to take us to Balanced Rock. Since we got here, Jake has wanted to climb a mountain. We got there, and it was an amazing sight! It was way down in a canyon (which we had driven down) A really big rock balanced on a small rock, and that was created by weather! The kids asked if they could climb up there (not up the rock, but up the mountain it sits on). As I was saying No, Jeff said, "Sure, go ahead!" (I didn't think about rattlesnakes until later, thank GOD!!) While they were climbing, I kept hearing all this racket, Jeff said it was cattle. So, as I was taking pictures of the sign, a truck with a trailer rides by and the guy says something to me that I didn't understand. Suddenly, I look up, and over the hill, I see a herd of cattle coming over the hill, being "rounded up" by cowboys!!! They were whooping and hollering, and keeping them together!! It was SO COOL!! When I told the people here about it, they all thought I was talking about the fact that they blocked traffic! I thought it was SO NEAT!! Again, we are on a movie stage!! Ty asked Ileta if they were paying people to do all this so we could see it!!

I have more to tell about yesterday, but it's time to go eat breakfast! I'll check in later!!

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27th June 2009

No words for the pictures....unreal??? I'm with Ty....I think these folks staged all this wonder! I still miss you but would never want to you miss this opportunity!

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