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August 15th 2006
Published: August 18th 2006
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One small step...from here?
It was the revered 'cocktail hour' like 5 pm or so and I'd got back to the fabulous Metropolis Hotel in the middle of what seems to be the druggiest, sleaziest, derro-filled part of town....the action centre, but most of these people are so off their tits on whatever, staggering, sliding, sleeping on the street...too much...anyway, I was having a small Absolut and some pistachios, the pistachios had been given to me, most kindly and thoughtfully, with a wholemeal cookie, by Rebecca, Michael's 'amour de moment' the night before I left Sun Valley, the 15th, my second birthday on the road.,....and thanks to all of you who remembered...both of you!...Ha.....anyway, the first sign was an unopened pistachio and you all know how frustrating that can be, and then I dropped one...omg...a sign was time to blog!! know the fascinating thing about pistachios, it takes exactly the same time to crack open and retrieve the kernel as it takes to chew and swallow the previous one, so you're stuck on the endless loop of cracking and eating, and of course the addiction of salt on the PC saltless dieted palate doesn't help...well, I'll just have 3 more....oh, I can't put them
The Famous JacketThe Famous JacketThe Famous Jacket

Ketchum, Sun Valley, Idaho
away, they'll go stale....maybe just one know how it goes ...and just pray that the last one isn't a dud!....anyway, back a few the yacht, back on the know all
....Sun Valley, as always, amazes and confuses, extremes of interesting, intelligent people with a benevolent, friendly and cultured approach, symphonies, arts and crafts, music, excellent architecture, to obscene wealth, to the chain smoking, racist, misogynyst, homophobic, redneck derros, staggering from one watering hole to the next, drunkenly driving to loveless sex and loneliness....Everything and more...but fantastic to be Michael has built the most amazing block of appartments (and snagged the best one for himself) very sweet, such incredible architecture, they've fitted what is really a huge building into the cliff in a spot where you wouldn't believe it would fit. ....and with the perfect weather and stunner views we spend a lot of time hanging on the deck...then we go up and hang out on the deck at Lefty' fact you can see each deck from the other and M's friends often call up and call over...and as he knows everyone in the valley I get to meet an eclectic group of locals, all good
What do you mean No Parking?What do you mean No Parking?What do you mean No Parking?

Ketchum, Sun Valley, Idaho
fun and friendly, a worrying amount of them remember Ben from his sojourn here a couple of years ago!!
Michael's appartment...condo? fantastically designed, coming in from the back lane there's a huge light industrial space, enough room for a multi-car garage, woodworking shop, all manner of benches, equipment, his perfect playground, then thru' to the entrance lobby to upstairs, there's even a fcuking lift, sorry, elevator....but we'll take the stairs, to the first level, laundry, storage, office, up again to the living area, wide open lots of light, kitchen at the far end, open hearth fireplace, doors out to the deck, 2nd bedroom and bano...then up again to the mezzanine master bedroom, bathroom even has a small private deck to itself.....fantastic...there's something like 30 units and 10 light industrial spaces, underground parking, is amazing how much they've fitted into such a seemingly impossibly small well designed and so well project managed.....and Michael, ever-generous host for my visit.....(now, I hope that makes up for all the slagging off?)
So, bike-less and ananymous I fly to San Francisco, previously described altho' actually I'm getting used to it and this does seem to be the best part of town.
Last Off-RoadLast Off-RoadLast Off-Road

Ketchum, Sun Valley, Idaho
off to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, as planned, but different of course without the 2 wheels, then down to LA to wait for the flight home....and reports of the return and subsequent fitting-back-in from my original partners doesn't sound too easy at all...but it will be good to see most of you again...I mean I'll only get to see some of you, my bloggees, not that there's anyone that I will see whom I won't be glad to see....get it?
And The Map, crikey, when I got it all down it does seem like a loong way, and it feels like it.
I've got nothing more to say right now so have a happy Friday for those of you enjoying it already.
The pix are from my last moments with 'La Cuenta' and some views of Michael's fabulous place...

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Last Ride Ever....for now(?)Last Ride Ever....for now(?)
Last Ride Ever....for now(?)

Ketchum, Sun Valley, Idaho
The whole block from the back laneThe whole block from the back lane
The whole block from the back lane

Michael's Appartment Block, his is the one on the near corner
From the top, roadsideFrom the top, roadside
From the top, roadside

Michael's Appartment Block, his is the one closest
From across the roadFrom across the road
From across the road

check out the view, it's part of what you see from the tub
Michael at workMichael at work
Michael at work

the kitchen end of the living area

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