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North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i January 9th 2007

The ship stayed in port overnight so we got up fairly early had our buffet breakfast as we do every day and got off the ship and into our car. Drove to the north east side of the island this time. We stopped at the Wallua Falls which were flowing very fast (and saw chickens even there!) continue driving to another waterfall. We had to be back on the ship at 12.30 to leave port at 1 and we had a about an hour and a half left. So we continued to travel up north and went to a cliff and lighthouse. Also went past the ‘Sleeping Giant’ mountain- see pic and try and work it out! We then thought about going to see some caves that we further up. But were not sure how long ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona January 9th 2007

Continued with Ǻsa and Lisa (a visitor via Couch Surfing) clockwise along the coast until highway 270 ends at some very big valleys. Couch Surfing Jatkoin matkaa myötäpäivää rantaa pitkin kunnes pikatie 270 loppui laaksoon Ǻsan ja Lisan kanssa (Lisa on vierailja Couch Surfingin kautta). Couch Surfing verkkosivut... read more
Still a young island
Lisa at Beach 69
My car and Ǻsa's car

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i January 8th 2007

We have docked in Kauaii and had a jungle waterfalls kayak tour today. But when we got off the ship and onto the bus, it was cancelled due to the extreme weather. Apparently the river was overflowing. So that put a dampener on our plans. We ended up catching a shuttle to the local shopping center where we bought a few little things. We went to the tour place there and the lady suggested we hire a car for 24 hours (as the sip was staying in port overnight). So that’s what we did. We hired the car and went right around the island. Drove for about an hour and a half to the south west side of the island and stopped at the Waimea Canyon which is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It was ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui January 8th 2007

Here's some family photos taken of our recent vacation in Maui. It was the best holiday we've ever taken, so relaxing and warm, warm, warm!!... read more
Kula Botanical Gardens
Kula Botanical Gardens
Kula Botanical Gardens

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona January 8th 2007

I arrived to Kona and hooked up with Ǻsa (a former colleuge from the Firm) and her boyfriend James. I tried some Kava (a local intoxicant drink) and local Hawaiian food. Also the size of the vehicles on the Big Island are beyound belief. Saavuin Konaan ja tapapasin vanhan työkaverin Ǻsan ja hänen poikaystävän Jamesin. Kokelin Kaavaa (paikallinen lievästi huumaavaa juoma) ja paikallista Hawaiilaista ruokaa. Paikallisten autojen koko oli aivan uskomatonta (se pikku vihreä auto on Ǻsan).... read more
Hawaiian food

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu January 7th 2007

Updating the blogs on the internet here on the ship. Its really slow and cost a fortune so wont put any photos on for now. Woke up early to catch a 6.30am transfer to the airport for our flights at 8.45am. Arrived at airport and after waiting in line for half an hour heard whispers about something to do with a delay to 4.30pm! So yes we confirmed the rumor they were having technical difficulties and the plane would not leave until at least 4.30pm. As we were getting on a cruise we had to get there earlier. So what eventually happened is they put us in a cab and we drove for and hour to the next airport in San Jose and we ended up catching the 9.30am plane to Hawaii from there. They said ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Hilo January 7th 2007

The most active volcano on the planet! It was quite a sight. I did not see any active lava flows close up, altough I was able to see their glow at night though. However the sights I did see were humbling, and walking along the sides of the craters was inspiring. I stayed the night at the Volcano House and had dinner at the edge of the main crater. Maapallon aktiivisin tulivuori! Aika näky. En nähnyt aktiivistia laavavyöryjä läheltä, tosin näin niiden hohdon yöllä. Joka tapauksessa kaikki näyt oli todella vaikuttavia ja krattereiden renojen pitkin kävaly oli inspiroivaa. Vietin yön Volcano Housissa (Tulivuoritalo) ja söin päivällisen suurimman kraatterin reunalla.... read more
Steam rising from the main crater
Closeup of one of the old lava-flows

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona January 7th 2007

Hi everyone, nothing new to report. Everyone is happy and healthy, we are having fun going to a different beach everyday. Today we were at the beach by the marina. The kids had a great time playing in the trees and beach combing they found four sea turtles sunning themselves and resting. We watched a big military plane do touch and go's at the airport from our ventage point so that was entertaining. This morning we went to the Keahou Farmers market and bought tangerines, keefer limes, strawberry papayas, organic apple bananas and salad blends. The strawberries and tomatoes are busting with flavour, the kids ate a whole basket of strawberries right away. I have been making Kona coffee everyday.....Rod hates it but I love it and sit on the lanai enjoying a cup watching the ... read more
Haapuna Beach
crab harvest

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki January 6th 2007

Finally here! The next big stop on my journey around the world. I am absolutely exhausted after some fairly heavy travelling... I had a short stay at the Waikiki Parc Hotel, the sister hotel of The Halekulani which is one of the most exclusive hotels in Waikiki. A lot of the service and comfort but at half the price... Did nothing but enjoyed the beach and the lovely warm (but not too warm) weather. Vihdoinkin täällä! Seuraava suuri etaappi minun maailmaanympärimatkalla. Olin aivan uupunut aika intensiivisen matkailun jälkeen... Jäin vähäksi aikaa Waikiki Parc Hotelliin, paikallisen luksushotellin tytärhotelli sen vieressä. Melkein kaikki palvelu ja mukauus mutta puoleen hintaan. En tehnyt juuri mitään kuin nautin rannasta ja ihanasta lämpimästä (mutta ei liian lämpimästä) säästä.... read more
View from the Orchids's restaurant
Downtown Waikiki

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i January 4th 2007

The warm air and beaches were especially rewarding. After walking the frigid steel canyons of downtown Indianapolis and leaning into the wind in Ohio, I couldn't have wanted more for Christmas. I joined my family for this side trip, and we stayed mostly on the south end of the island of Kauai. ... read more
x-mas tree
the garden

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