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North America » United States » Hawaii » Volcano November 14th 2012

Geo: 19.4308, -155.238Long flights are not something I would call fun, but they are even less fun when there are delays, missed connections and wayward baggage! My flight from Chicago to Honolulu was delayed by almost 2 hours due to the incoming flight being delayed. And then flights to Honolulu and Tokyo were boarding at the same time from neighboring gates, which was apparently too confusing for the Tokyo passengers as they kept coming through our boarding lines and had to be redirected. The nice lady who was announcing the boarding groups repeatedly said "Honolulu is now boarding group 1. Tokyo is gate 16, not 17" but some failed to listen so that also slowed down our departure. Once on board, I had a nice aisle seat in the row that backs up to the bathroom. ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Volcano November 4th 2012

It has been a few days since the Amazing Epic Adventure has started and it is beginning to get Epic. Today Alan and I took a helicopters tour with Blue Hawaiian Helicopter tours and it was amazing. We saw both waterfalls and erupting volcano on the island of Hilo. It was Epic. What astonished me is in some places of the lava field there were small islands of rainforest untouched. Also in places that were covered and destroyed just five years ago are sprouting trees. I inquired if they were planted, and no, all natural growth. Amazing. As we flew over the main crater that is erupting, you can smell and taste the sulfur in the environment. Not much, just enough. I asked the pilot if the air temperature fluxuated over the crater. He said no, ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Volcano October 1st 2011

Geo: 19.4308, -155.238We meant to leave the condo at 6:45am but because of various different delays didn't get away until later, which meant that we arrived at the Bay right after the dolphins departed. Alan and Jean waved us back to the car, and we all drove down the road to Two Step. Although the dolphins never appeared, we had a wonderful swim for about an hour, seeing a ray, an eel, a tang parade, and listening to the parrot fish munch the coral. (Must look up how much sand a parrot fish can poop out in a year; heard a disturbing amount, like three tons. Surely that can't be right...) I tried out my new goggles, and they worked perfectly. The water was the ideal temperature, and the sea was remarkably calm (yet again). Lovely ... read more
Alan and Paul on the porch
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