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July 22nd 2010
Published: July 26th 2010
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Just so pretty.
Aloha Everyone! Have had quite a bit of things going on around here. Friend came from home and stayed a week we had so much fun! It was nice to have someone to hang out with. Most of the time we were car less but kept busy with the beach, bikes, bus. In fact I am exhausted LOL. We were invited to a very big event from our Hawaiian neighbors. Their niece had a baby last year and to mark the first birthday here in Hawaii they throw quite the Party! This is called a baby Luau which they wait until the first birthday has passed to celebrate. This come from old Hawaii ways (and many other poorer cultures do) is wait until after the first year of a child's life before making a big deal out of it. I am sure it was due to poor malnutrition, disease that started it but superstition is what keeps it alive and of course what better reason to have a party!! They set up a large tented yard with a bouncy house for the kids in one corner. There was about 200 people or so. They had some live entertainment which was really good. The man they had finish the evening was I guess quite famous and much loved I can't remember his name but I will. Really enjoyed him along with his two daughters, They did a nice mix of new and traditional songs to appeal to everyone, really nice. The food was plentiful! They made lots of different fish dishes and had a sushi bar with a man making it as fast as he can because these people can eat. I guess they had about 5 or 6 kinds of fish just caught the last few days! They also had more Hawlie like food because with so many parties and graduations they kind of wanted to mix things up. A good time was had by all and Nick my friend took lots of pictures which I will post a few.
Sunday we went up to Waimea Bay which in the winter is a huge surfing bay but the water was pretty calm and the weather was warm with some liquid sunshine thrown in. It really feels good to just sit in the rain and cool down. Did some snorkeling there and saw some nice coral, squid and so many more. Rick

Crazy Nick on the beach out front!
said it had been pouring while we were in the water yet we didn't even feel it! LOL This part of the beach is quite a way from the parking lot of which you had better get there early and I mean 6 or 6:30 AM early if you want to get a parking spot. We managed to get one so walked to best end for snorkeling. The bad part is that it is in front of a very large Rock cropping that the kids and adults like to jump from. Being a mother it really bothers me to even watch them. On this day I was hanging in the water with Nick and this guy was climbing jumped and started yelling how he hurt his ass! Well you would think he might have learned? No he didn't so he proceeded to keep jumping along with his buddies acting stupid. I just couldn't even watch so got out of the water just about that time Rick yells that the kid hit. Of course panic set in when he was unconscious. Being so far from the lifeguard we had to run and scream down the beach waving my arms hoping others and the lifeguard could come help us! Finally after a few minutes or so it seemed the lifeguard comes out of the hut jumps on his ATV and gets to where the young man is laying on the beach unmoving. I must say they had the fire truck and ambulance there pretty quick. I am sure this happens often even though they post a sign right in front of it that you jump at your own risk. Anyway's about the time they are taking him away on a stretcher the kids start jumping again. I had to pack it up and leave it just made me sick to watch it. Not sure what happened to Justin (they kept screaming his name) and if he is okay but God Bless his recovery even though I think that they are crazy. We ended up having a really fun day after that just trying to put it out of our minds.
I am just going to post some random pictures I have taken all around island so I hope you enjoy them! Mahalo

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This is a very large rock with a huge hole that blows water through very impressive

This is the Rock they jump from! Stupid I wish they would just blow up the dang thing!

The Mormon Temple by the BYU Campus. The road runs from the beach to the temple like a direct line to God? Anyway quite a site when everything around it is flat. They own this town so sundays it is all closed up and never is alcohol sold in town.

This tree has the most colorful bark, We saw this at one of the Botanical gardens in North Shore

Cool clump Bamboo

Old burned out nursing home just looks cool standing there

People do all kinds of things to there doors and gates here

The twin islands off Lanikai. Kayaked out to them. One is off limits as it is a bird sanctuary. They live in little holes all over the islands.

Nick on small secluded little beach in Lanikai

See that little fishing deck. Found this along a small water canal I was Kayaking in. Rick was drooling thinking it was his kind off place to kick back and drink beer and fish.

Oh how I love tropical flowers!

9th August 2010

Hey Kim, Looks like your having a great time. So happy for you. Yes I do plan on going to Peru. Nothing planned soon though. I have quit a list of places I want to go down there. Have to get on top of my ball game though. How long are you there for? Love you. Kriston

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