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November 21st 2006
Published: November 25th 2006
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G'Day All from the sunny land of bronzed beach bums

It is our first blog so i would like to officially say aloha and welcome you to the land of sun, surf and ABC Stores...But we'll talk about that later. We came into Honolulu International on tues morning after a flight which was delayed an hour and a half because of a faulty windscreen heating system on the QANTAS plane. Our first day was spent trying to change our skin colour from the off white, the white, the ivory or the beige. I think we all succeeded in changing it to a nice crisp red.

Our second day was far more action packed than the first after we got sweet talked into doing a tour of Pearl Harbour. The memorial to the USS Arizona was great, it's just a pity that our tour guide loved the sound of his own voice, and what came out of his mouth was utter shit. We had to channel all of our peaceful energy to stop from shouting him down after the following comment. "You have to agree with me that because of Pearl Harbour and the US defence forces, we enjoy the freedom that we have today. World War 2 effectively started on the 7th of December, 1941 when America became involved." That was a paraphrase and not exact but it was pretty close. Apparently he didn't know about the nazi party in Germany and WWII was USA v Japan.
After the tour we decided to attempt to climb the apparently unclimbeable Diamond Head volcanic crater. OK, so it wasn't unclimbeable, and there may have been a track the whole way up but it took us about 30mins to navigate the 760ft of the mountain. The views once we reached the summit were spectacular. You could see the whole of Waikiki right back to the North Shore. According to Emma Perth would look the same if there were more Hotel Rendezvous along our coast line, classic call.

Our third and final day in the sun and sand of Honolulu was spent wasting away time until we had to catch a flight to Dallas and then onto Miami that afternoon. Back to my previous comment about the ABC Stores. These are a chain of general stores in Honolulu that sell everything from food to towels to booze. The reason they are so special is that there are 71 stores in the Waikiki district of Honolulu alone. That's more stores than Warney has had women on tours of England. There was a store every couple of minutes you walked.

Anyway we better sign off, the internet cafe meter is ticking over. Just as a side note American Airlines are poxy. No headphones, food or drinks and really uncomfortable seats.

It's a big aloha mahalo (good bye and thank you) from us as we get arty and farty in the art deco district of Miami.

Emma, Ian and Nick

ps there will be pictures once we work out how to get them onto the pc.


25th November 2006

Those Yanks are friggin' amazing aren't they. I do think Warney would have beaten that score though, 71 would have been the first week.
28th November 2006

ABC stores
And there i got all excited that they were peddling Kath and Kim and Bananas in Pyjamas DVDs in Hawaii...

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