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October 10th 2013
Published: October 10th 2013
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We were up early today watching the Oosterdam come into Honolulu. We're docked right at the foot of the Aloha Tower where cruise ships have been docking for years. Awesome to get some pictures just as we were going past from the same level on the ship as almost the top of the tower!

And speaking of pictures, I am having a problem getting my pictures to publish as part of a blog entry. I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to get some of the many pictures I've taken to publish but no luck. I can see them from my sd card on this tablet and they seem to upload into the blog site but I don't get a publish command and they don't magically appear either. Maybe my old hand bloggers can give me a hint as to what to do.

So about our tour today - we had already been told the Arizona memorial was closed. Then as we were getting ready to leave the ship we were told that we couldn't bring along any bags of any kind, even to leave on the bus. I carried my one camera (and it died right after I got a few pictures of the Missouri and the Arizona memorial from the dock) and Walt was allowed to take a small diabetic kit bag and we both had to show our ship's pass and photo id everywhere. The security is stringent all of a sudden, but what can you do.

The MO tour was great and the good folk volunteers there (the MO is privately owned which is why they were still open) set up a talk station on the dock looking at the AZ memorial and took on explaining the attack so folks would have some history. Very moving, lots of wet eyes. Did not know about one 8-yeat old girl who was on a smaller vessel in dry dock with her commander dad when they were heavily bombed and 64 men and she went down with the ship. A few years ago her twin who stayed home sick that day had her ashes placed on what is left of the ship. Try staying dry eyed through that story!

The tour continued with a drive through the Pali Pass and then down into the Punchbowl National Cemetary. We finished with a drive throuh Waikiki - I don't know how it could have gotten more crowded in the last 10-15 years but it is! Then up and around Diamond Head. One side - toward the ocean of course - has all the high priced houses around $5 mil for some very shacky but great views and up. The other side - facing the town and valley - go for a more modest $500,000. And I'm talking old and mushed together on both sides of the mountain!

Oh well, tonight at 11:30 we up anchor and head out for another long spell at sea as we head for Samoa!

Aloha from the land of gentle breezes (except on Pali Pass where it was blowing about 60 mph).


10th October 2013

The only place I found I could use the ships internet when taking the route you are on...
was Apia, Samoa. Until I got internet, I wrote my blogs in Word, and saved my pictures to my C-drive. So when I got internet, it was just a matter of quick cut and past, and uploading the pre-selected and sorted pictures. To load pictures, 1. Start with your Profile page, and click on List Entries at the top. 2. Select the entry which you wish to add pictures, and then click on Photos. 3. Then click on Add Files at the bottom left corner of the Upload Photos screen. The browser will ask you to select the file from your C-drive or wherever you stored your pictures. On my computer I can hold down the Control key and select multiple pictures. 4. The click on Start Upload...you will see the progress as each is loaded. The pictures will show up in the Photos screen below. You can then rearrange them and edit captions, and rotate pictures. 5. Once you are satisfied, click on Review at the top of the page, and that will save the pictures. Then repeat for each blog. I look forward to reading your blogs and seeing your pictures!
13th October 2013

Catching up with your journey
What an adventure you two are having! And what a gigantic ship. You probably need a GPS unit just to find a restaurant.
14th October 2013

Looking forward to the pictures!
Sounds like a scramble after the departure delay, but better than really rough seas!!!

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