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September 11th 2010
Published: February 2nd 2011
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Jen & JeremyJen & JeremyJen & Jeremy

Getting ready to hike down to the pools!
Saturday morning, with all four adults and one baby loaded into the Kollets' Jeep, we headed toward West Maui to see the sights and find our way down to the Olivine Pools , which are tide pools in the middle of barren lava rock that you have to hike down to. We had heard Sharmon and Grant talk about how cool it was there, and we were glad they were with us so we'd have an easier time of finding the trail and knowing how to climb down to the pools.

The drive was really pretty, with hairpin turns, green hills and cliffs overlooking an endless ocean. In fact, most rental car companies will give you a map that says these areas aren't "covered" by them since the two-lane road can be a little treacherous in certain conditions. Grant was a great driver, though, and eventually we made it to a point where we could park and hike down to the pools.

Not only was Grant an able driver, but he was definitely the outdoorsman of the group, as he not only showed us the way down over the rough lava rock and loose stones, but also carried Cal in his

Jen & Jeremy climbing around the lava rocks at the Olivine Pools.
carseat with him! Sharmon and I were a little slower than the boys (OK, a lot slower) but we all finally made it down to the pools and started to explore. I was thankful that we bought water shoes for walking on the lava-- they were worth the money so that our feet didn't get ripped up both on the hike and walking around on the lava. It seems like depending on the tide, the pools can look different at different times. We were there when the tide was lower, so they weren't as deep, but we were still able to check out the fish and coral in the shallow pools and swim a little in the deeper ones. It was amazing to be in calm water while the ocean waves pounded at the lava right behind us! We took lots of photos and played around, and then started the long hike back up to the car.

We also stopped at the Nakalele Blowhole, which was very cool and hilarious to watch people approach the blowhole, only to get sopping wet when it exploded upwards toward their face. On our way around the northwest side of the island, we

Waves crashing just beyond the Olivine Pools.
passed Honolua Bay with tons of snorkelers in the water, and then happend upon DT Fleming Beach Park, and decided on a whim to stop. The beach wasn't too busy with waves just starting to kick up, so we decided to put up Cal's beach tent and stay for a while. Jeremy and I were waist-deep in the water, admiring the soft sandy bottom when I saw what I thought was a rock underwater a few feet away. I thought it was strange that there would be one large rock when there was nothing but sand everywhere else. All of a sudden, that "rock" popped its head out of the water! It was a turtle saying a quick hello, then it swam away from us.

I got in a little body surfing before the wind kicked up so much that sand was blowing across the beach and whipping into the tent. We decided to call it a day, and head back to Kihei to relax with sandwiches from 808 Deli (so good!) Somehow in between being exhausted at the deli and getting home, I thought I lost my debit card and Sharmon, being a good friend, went back with

Looking at West Maui from our lanai.
me to try to find it. After freaking out for the better part of an hour, it turns out it had gotten stuck on an ice pack when I stuffed my cards and cash in the cooler earlier in the day, and was waiting for me in the freezer all along. Seriously-- I can't make this stuff up.

The Kollet's were leaving the next day, so we enjoyed dinner later that night at the nearby PuPu Lounge. Because we couldn't let them leave without one last mishap, we lingered too long at the restaurant and got our Jeep locked in the parking lot across the street once the gates were closed at 10pm. It's a good thing Jeeps are made for off-roading, because we had to drive over a sidewalk and slip between two light posts before we finally jumped the curb onto the street and out of that lot!


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