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February 16th 2019
Published: February 19th 2019
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All four of us enjoyed the whale watching we did in the past. If I haven't mentioned it before, We went to Hawaii together in 2009. So this is the second time the four of us have been on Maui together. Jan and I said that any time we go to Maui, we would do a whale watching cruise. Our cruise was with the Pacific Whale Foundation and all of their proceeds go to the preservation of the whales. The vast majority of the whales here near Maui are Humpback Whales. These whales spend their summers near Alaska where they feed like crazy and the winter here in the Hawaiian waters where they mate and have their calves. These whales are approximately 45 tons and about 45 feet in length. We were told that while nursing their young, the babies gain 60 pounds an hour!

It was a beautiful afternoon, sunny and 78 when we left the dock in Lahaina. Once we got out of the harbor area, we started seeing blows in the distance. The blow spouts are the exhalations of the huge mammals. Then in the distance, we spotted some tails in the air, which is the prelude to a deep dive. We also saw some backs of the whales. Marilyn spotted a baby that was curving his back in the air a couple times.

Another nice feature of these cruises is they have an open bar and we enjoyed drinking Maui Bikini Blonde beer that we've all come to prefer here. People started seeing whales frequently calling out the location by the clock 3:00, 9:00, 12:00 and so forth. There was one nice breach right in front of our boat. We probably saw 25-30 whales, tails, backs and the breach. I've gotten many pictures of whales in the past and we chose to just enjoy seeing the whales rather than trying to photographing them, since you tend to miss some while trying to photograph them. We also were enjoying a nice boat ride in the waters between Maui and Molokai.

Although we didn't see whales as close up as we have in the past, it was still a great afternoon on the water in the sun.

If you would like to see a video of multiple whales up close to the boat, here's the video of the cruise we did together in the past.

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20th February 2019

Whale of a time
As photos attest , another great day !! Size and beauty of these creatures never ceases to amaze . Loved listening to their mating songs ; sounded like Yoko Ono .
20th February 2019

Beautiful pictures! The weather looks wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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