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November 30th 2007
Published: November 30th 2007
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Haleakala, Maui  Haleakala, Maui  Haleakala, Maui

On route to Haleakala (Highest dormant Volcano in the world!)

Maui 02nd Nov 2007. The Killer (Haleakala)

Woke up in Agony. Ankle reall really swollen and very sore. SHIT! Will be reallt gutted if i dont or cant do this hike as im sure it will be spectacular. Hobbled to the shop for water and try to gt some movement in the ankle. Not looking good as i continue to struggle. Went to the kitchen for breakfast and met Kathy and Becky - 2 canadian girls who turn out to be the funniest craziest & loudest girls ive ever met. Was about to pull out of the tour but thought what the hell - if i dont do it now ill never probably do it. Fingers crossed i wont breakdown 1/2 way around and have to be carried and airlifted back.

Called off at supermarket on way to the hike to stock up on supplys (food and drink). Decided to get a chicken meal with rice and veg for my lunch. Very bad idea as i couldnt store it in my day pack as it was on a plate also the juice leaked all over the tour bus....whoops!!!! Ate it for my late 2nd breakfast.

Started the tour and got talking to 1 of the girls on the tour (another girl & nurse from preston called Emma). Told her about my ankle so she was my nurse all looked after me for the day lol. Once got walking all was okay...ish with my ankle except when i lost my footing or whenever it twisted a bit....OOooouuch!

First 13km went okay i guess..not too tired. Then we had a slight uphill section for about 2km. That was a bit of a killer. However the hardest was yet to come. 5km back up to the top up the face of the volcano. I 'F' u not. It felt like at least another 20km. The trail was very narrow and very rugged. One fall or slip and you was a gonner!!! I was too tired to even contimplate taking pictures as much as i wish i had done. But it was a case of head down eyes on the trial. Managed the odd peak upwards to see if we were nearly there but the peak just didnt get any closer. Finally made it and colapsed (See pic). So so so glad i did it...very happy! Had a small drive to a good view spot for sunset. Bit cloudy so it wasnt that good plus it was f'g freezing so went into the warm tour van. Fell asleep on the backs seats all the way back.

Got back to hostel and signed up for next days tours. Met Kat and Alex for the first time..just arrived - My new room 11 roomies. Emma the nurse made me go to the shop and get an ice pack and bandaged me up whilst chilling out with all the guys and girls from banana bungalow over quit a few beers and some silly drinking card games. Had a wicked day and wicked night. Sweet dreams - I think im gona be sore tomoz!

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Ive Pulled  haleakulaIve Pulled  haleakula
Ive Pulled haleakula

Wrong type of bird!!!! Just getting ready for the last 5km and most gruelling part of the hike. We walked down so now we got to get up!
Haleakala, Maui  Haleakala, Maui
Haleakala, Maui

Me after the last 5km of the hike. Felt like 20km!!!!!
Banana Bung 031107 - drinking games timeBanana Bung 031107 - drinking games time
Banana Bung 031107 - drinking games time

Crazy Canadian Kathy. Cant remeber name of the lad but he was canadian too and was a cool guy...always stoned lol! Simon and Andi in background (Simon worked at hostel as tour guy)
Banana Bung 031107 - drinking games timeBanana Bung 031107 - drinking games time
Banana Bung 031107 - drinking games time

Me and Andi (girl from U States)

30th November 2007

good pics!!
haha... i love Danimal squinting in that one!! and you with the bird! miss you, kiddo!
30th November 2007

Reply to Andi
Thanks for comment. Miss you too. What id give for a big banana bungalow re-union. maybe one day. hope to see you in Sydney. take care x
30th November 2007

Hi Karl
Hi Karl, great read, looks like your having a wicked time, Steve
1st December 2007

reply to steve
Having an awesome time. Keep the comments coming (keep it clean you!!)
1st December 2007

moi ???? lol As if, saw your dad yesterday seems well catch you soon Steve

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