1st week in Hawaii....and, we're married

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May 21st 2006
Published: October 14th 2011
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Post by Ryan:

Aloha everyone, welcome to our first post. It would have been here sooner but its not easy finding free internet here on Kauai so we had to finally break down and pay for the day. Things are going great, the condo is awesome with a view overlooking the ocean and the beach just a short walk away. Our days have been very relaxing, wake up whenever, have some coffee and read while looking out over the ocean. Lay out on the beach for a few hours, have some drinks, watch some TV and repeat. We also decided to at least be a bit active and went on a little hike overlooking Hanalei valley and checked out some waterfalls until we got rained on and headed back.

My relaxation ended Tuesday and Wednesday when I hiked the Kalalau trail while Jeanette and her sister hung out at the beach. Perhaps the most amazing hike I have ever done, the trail goes 11 miles along the steep cliffs of the Na Pali coast and ends at a secluded beach pretty much only accessible by foot. Beautiful hike the entire way and a beautiful beach at the end but it includes over 5,000 of vertical and with my pack (which was very over packed) a very tiring hike. After about 7 hours I arrived at the beach and just sat in the ocean for a bit letting my feet rest, then explored the beach and waterfalls looking for a place to set up camp. The following morning I packed up early to beat the heat and started the 11 mile hike back out. By the time I returned to Kee beach my feet felt like I had just finished a marathon, I was certainly glad to be back. Next time I need to make sure I pack much lighter, and break my hiking boots in first.

And for the big news Jeanette and I decided that with such beautiful scenery it would be a shame not to get married. So on our 9 month anniversary we had a little ceremony overlooking the ocean. So that’s it for our first week, we may not do much but it sure is great having nothing to do....unemployed and homeless isn't so bad! Hope everything is going great with everyone and we’ll fill ya in soon with the rest of our Hawaiian vacation and get some more pics up.

Oh yeah, the wedding....just kidding, we aren't that crazy.


14th October 2011

Sounds awesome. I am jealous.

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