Touching the Ocean in Kauai

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March 14th 2009
Published: March 27th 2009
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CraniOcean Session Kauai 2009CraniOcean Session Kauai 2009CraniOcean Session Kauai 2009

Craniosacral Therapy in Ocean
In the morning, I took off to the lighthouse because Judy said it was her favorite quiet place on the island. It's just on the North Shore -- can't miss it. It's also a bird sanctuary. I saw my first Albatross. It flew up with it's big feet and then flew down back into its nesting area. There were huge waves that day and breaking on the rocks about forty feet high! The volunteers there who told you about the place were really nice and one took a picture of yours truly looking from the ocean to the shore.

Not long after Kyle recovered from his sightseeing, we all went down to the beach. After walking around and looking at all the living coral that had washed up from the HUGE waves, Alan and I did another water session in the ocean and Kyle took some photographs of it. I had said, "Maybe some photos for website promotion?" They thought it was a good idea. Then I said, "What is the difference between brazen promotion and contribution?"

All of us sat with the question as we stared blankly into the sea.

Then I thought, if Kyle is to take photographs, why don't we all take a moment before going into the water together? In "Touch the Ocean," a discovery is made to take a moment before going into the ocean or any body of water. So now we stood and looked at the ocean with attention. When we felt a sense of invitation, we went into the water.

Alan's whole body let go as we floated and drifted with the subtle currents and small waves. My feet scuttled over the shallow sand like a palm-leaf under the water, keeping up with Alan. It was surprising that even in this context, with a camera around, that we were able to "touch the ocean." The ocean without and the ocean within. I felt glad that the "photographer," Kyle, had shared that moment with us first before entering her.

At one point, Alan looked up right when Kyle was taking the shot, and we all broke out laughing. Then Alan dropped back into the quiet of the ocean.

Soon after we got our things together, a rainbow appeared over the lighthouse area. Don't know if you can see the lighthouse in the picture but it's there.

Ocean Session in KauaiOcean Session in KauaiOcean Session in Kauai

The water is shallow with a protecting reef. Perfect conditions for this form of therapy.
is really and truly a place of healing. I could go on for days talking about it and posting photos about this very special place but best to be with the silence and mystery. The book, "Touch the Ocean," feels so grateful for the way Kauai just received him with open arms.

Mahalo nui

(Or as Judy says, "Mahalo Plenty!")

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At the LighthouseAt the Lighthouse
At the Lighthouse

Waves from the Lighthouse
At the LighthouseAt the Lighthouse
At the Lighthouse

This went up on the FaceBook Profile for a while.
Rainbow LighthouseRainbow Lighthouse
Rainbow Lighthouse

Can you see the Lighthouse on the point? It's there. (Mahalo Plenty Kauai!)

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