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March 24th 2009
Published: March 30th 2009
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Mokulele Airlines....the name alone says it all! Honolulu is only a short flight from Kona...but once we land, we
are in a different place. The lava fields are all over...not the red one for those who don't know, but the lunar
landscape is already all over us.

Another cool car...this time a little Mustang...we love the sound they do...and ready for our first stop, the Four
Seasons Hualalai. Let's say this is pure spoiling. An amazing place...if you take out the guests who arrive there by
private jets. Not us, but didn't stop us to enjoy the place. First stop, one of the pool, or should we call it a pond,
or even...paradise. A huge salt water lagoon, in which you can snorkel with two white spotted eagle rays. The pics
speak for themself. We were all ready for a great afternoon. The room...well, thanks for the upgrade, was another
experience....with a nice diner on the terrace enjoying some bubbles (PS: When you see the price of room service, we
were happy to have organized our own little sushi stop before reaching the hotel!).

The next morning would see a full adventure pack day. First, the Hualalai golf course. Too difficult for Leslie who is
our caddy for the occasion. Ma'ri is starting to get her own way around. Than the 17th hole! Built on the lava next
to the Ocean! Amazing! The golf course has been built on the better keep the balls on the fairways!

That was for the morning. Afternoon....packed everything and made our way to some diving. First dive is a nice and easy
one just before sunset. 18 divers on the boat, a 30 minutes ride to reach the site...but mainly to prepare us for
what was coming next.

Most of the time, if not all the time, the less divers in the water, the best it is. Not today! Welcome to one of the
10th best rated dive in the world! And trust me, this is it! So here, the more divers the better for our night dive.

Manta eat planctons...planctons are attracted by what does happen when 80 divers (few diving boats), lay
on the ground at 10 meters down, and open there lights, all settled around the "camp fire"...

Well, it's diner time for the manta. Tonight, we did count 5 of them, staying with us for a good 45 minutes. You
even had a moray eel very efficiently...around all these mantas.

Magic, this is simply magic. I saw mantas before, but this is simply out of this world. It was not easy to get good
pics, but click on the video link below and you will understand.

I did the hammerheads in Galapagos, this is not the same thing, but this is as good as it get. As you can imagine,
Ma'ri enjoyed also...her first night dive will probably remains her best night dive ever.

So after a long day, we made our way to the Hilton up north. Ok, a lot less glamourous than the Four Seasons, even
with the upgrade. But Leslie enjoyed the slides...and for me, 18 more holes. Not as good as the Hualalai, but the
number 12th is another of these fun places. Another amazing ocean view...and the whales playing around when I tried to
get my birdie in...well, I missed it, but we stay there for a while enjoying the scene.

Kona Coast, not a lot to do, but if you can do it, some of the most amazing experiences to share. And while we were
diving with the Manta, Leslie was snorkeling above guess he had a good time. He cannot wait to be back.

For us, it was already time for our next stop. But for this, just wait few hours...

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30th March 2009

Stunning videos
Makes me want to take up diving!
30th March 2009

Pure Fantasy!!!
You're living in a pure fantasy! One question though...are you pregnant? ;-)
31st March 2009

Fantastic Videos...
those mantas are amazing - and even more unusual at night!
11th April 2009

What a fantastic pool!
13th May 2009

What a fantastic looking golf course! Right by the beach!
15th January 2010

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