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March 9th 2015
Published: March 10th 2015
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I'm on the final leg of my pre-European adventure. I've driven back down to southern Georgia so I can leave my car at my parents' house while I'm gone. They're also the ones taking me to the ATL airport and picking me up in Orlando when I return. In 72 hours, I'll be at JFK, waiting for my plane to Europe!

Yesterday was pretty much the best final day in Athens I could've spent there. I taught my Sunday School class in the morning and then went to watch my UGA Men's Tennis team beat LSU 4-2. The weather was perfect, and they were signing autographs after the match. Then I went back to church and hung out with some of my favorite young people for a couple of hours. We got to play kickball, again in perfect weather.

Of course, I had to finalize the packing and cleaning once I got home. That sucked. But my bathroom and bedroom are as clean and empty as ever since I moved in. I'm hoping to come back to a wonderfully clean living area, though maybe a little dusty after 12 weeks. On a positive note, my suitcase is down to 39 lbs, or 17.5 kg. It has to be under 20 kg, and once I get to London, it will lighten up by a pound or so when I give Eno the honey mustard and blue cheese dressings that she wants me to bring. I'm staying for free at her place, so it's the least I can do.

Some people have asked about my school responsibilities while I'm in Europe. All of my work is online - both teaching and learning. I managed to post all the tests and answer keys for my students online, so I won't have to worry about writing them now; it's only the grading that I have to deal with. They have a few short writing assignments, too, but for me it's just the grading. And answering emails, when they come. As far as my 2 courses at TCU, I've already turned in all the papers for my Mexican history course (I'm SO thankful for courses that allow you to work at your own pace!). My Literature of Survival course is a little more complicated - I've just turned in my 2nd major paper (of 3) and read the 1st of 2 books for the third (and final) paper. But there's a lot of online journal entries and peer reviewing of papers, so you can't really work ahead for more than 2 weeks at a time. I've set aside a day in Ireland for writing that final paper, but then there's the review process afterwards. I'm bringing my planner with all of these assignments marked, so I won't forget anything. Suffice it to say, I've done absolutely everything I could do before leaving, so that I'll have to devote as little time to schoolwork as possible.

It's almost here, and my excitement level just continues to rise!


10th March 2015

Will, you are amazing!I have never known a more industrious, productive, gregarious, and at the same time happy, positive, and warm person! We have benefitted from knowing you....and now look forward to your interesting and insightful commentary on your journeys. Best wishes...and Godspeed.
22nd March 2015

On the road
Sounds like you have a great adventure ahead. Looking forward to reading about it.
22nd March 2015

I'm 11 days in, 67 more to go. If it keeps going like it has, this will be epic!

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