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North America » United States » Georgia » Roswell September 28th 2012

Lamar and I are busy sending out this link for folks to join and follow. Sadly, he spent the day running all of my errands but I have finished an extremely successful quarter and now it's Road Trip Preparation Full On! We head out Monday morning for Seattle and have one adventure planned so far - a cruise with friends on Lake Washington - we cannot wait! Thanks for checking in and we'll be back with the fun stuff soon!... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Roswell February 28th 2012

So I will make this retardly quick since it is like 3am and of course packing up so late should not come as a surprise. However, these people want too much from me. How about I just show up and say its me! I have no motivation to write any think grandiose, but I would like to share how do you know this is Tal Wagshal's items: 1. Soccer gear (most obvious) - cleats, shin guards, socks, and of course pump! 2. Spices - I know the peace corps said you should bring some of your favorite spices so I assumed to the limit of my standards. I now have like 12 different spices (4-5lbs total). 3. Has my wardrobe even changed in like 7 years?! Too broke. 4. I have a DICAPAC, which means I ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Roswell October 30th 2009

Hometown, Roswell, GA. Just getting back from a 19 day trip around the Mediterranean and will post that soon but would like to post older vacations as well.... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Roswell October 14th 2008

Monday, 13 October OK, so we are all safely home and have had a full night’s sleep (at least some of us). We all have colds but fortunately nothing serious…a small price to pay for such a good trip. Here is what happened since the last post. 7 Oct - Miltenberg: We had a delightful walking tour of this quintessential Main River town. Squeezed between the river and the bordering hillsides it has one main street where the houses on one side back into the hillside and the houses on the other are a stone throw from the river. Fortunately it was too small and insignificant in WWII so it survived without a scratch. Today it is a major tourist attraction but without the touristy feel. It is a town where people live and work where ... read more
The Main Street - Miltenberg
17th Century Hotel
The Ultimate in Lording Over the Neighbors

North America » United States » Georgia » Roswell September 24th 2008

Two days before we leave and everything seems to be progressing smoothly. Mom and Grandma are running errands and making last minute purchases while I am staying out of the way. It seems like the biggest issue is how to pack everything without having to resort to a SeaLand container. As you can tell from the pictures, I clearly have everything under control while Mom and Grandma may still need some help.... read more
Mom's Organization
G'ma's Organization
My Organization

North America » United States » Georgia » Roswell September 11th 2008

Test of The System A Trip to Calloway I discovered this web site because Lisa Whitney's daughter is spending the semester studying in Spain and she is using it to let people know how she is doing. I thought we might use it for our river trip so I am playing with it before we leave. The only traveling Mom and I have done recently is to do a team-building program at Calloway Gardens this last Monday. We drove down Sunday afternoon and then came back Monday evening after one false start. We were about ten miles from Calloway when Mom thought she had left a sweater in the room. She knows how I hate to turn around once started, so she said not to worry about it - just drive on home since she ... read more
Yes I Can
Yeah Jason
Adding Some Class to The Beach

North America » United States » Georgia » Roswell September 25th 2006

Roger and Wendy’s BIG ADVENTURE Bobbie writes Looking for the adventures of the Americans they decided to attempt the likes of Lake Lanier. As their adventures into Lake Lanier began Webster and Tazzy were greatly saddened by the prospect that they could not experience the Brits of the day, but I will tell you that Wendy had NO FEAR in regards to driving the boat at 35 miles per hour, particularly shooting one of the arches of a bridge over the lake. Look at this picture (Yes she is on her own') Roger decided that he would compete with the masters and has his own way with the skis, no it is not the same as snow, but he has done better than most. Wendy exclaims "does insurance cover water skiing". Roger writes As I write ... read more
The boat
Wendy at the helm
The skiier on an unusual surface

North America » United States » Georgia » Roswell September 24th 2006

A rainy day, so a good time to relax at home. The morning was spent watching Europe thrash the yanks in the Ryder Cup. Following which, I fulfilled Ruth’s photo commission and took some pictures of the wedding quilt as it is displayed here. Next was a tour of the All Fired Up ceramic production facility! Then we relived our Imperial trip by showing the Drummonds our photos. In the evening the Yanks got their own back by thrashing the Brits 7 - 3 in a marathon crib session. ... read more
Ceramic production
Webster and Tazy our other hosts

North America » United States » Georgia » Roswell September 23rd 2006

In the morning we went for a walk in the local park and watched the boys playing baseball. It was just like watching boys playing football in England with plenty of screaming parents. The day was finished with a delightful evening at Frank and Sherry’s having a southern barbeque of pork and beans. Plenty of wine was also drunk. It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity of seeing them again. ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Roswell September 22nd 2006

After a lazy morning recovering from the jet lag, we visited the second All Fired Up shop and were impressed by its size, format and the large range of pottery available to the customers. We had our first go at pottery painting and are looking forward to seeing the results when they have been glazed and fired. In the evening Bobbie cooked us a delicious fillet steak for dinner. ... read more
All their own work
The studio
What a range to choose from!

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