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North America » United States » Georgia » Macon October 5th 2019

Sometimes it can be nice to make a trip back to where it all started. I decided early in the process of choosing which schools to visit on which Saturdays that this was going to need to be a local game. Next weekend is Oregon and Oregon State, so I’m flying across the country. My philosophy has been to balance out the really long trips with short ones in adjacent weeks. So Week 1 was Michigan, but Week 2 was home at Georgia. And so on. I’ve done two mid-level trips for the past two weeks (five hours away), so the 1.5 hours I spent getting to Mercer University was a cake walk. While I’ve tried to visit schools I’ve never attended a football game at, this week was different. Second time staying in Georgia, as ... read more
Food for the soul
Some damn good soul food at H&H Restaurant
Typical downtown Macon view: brick roads and refurbished old houses

North America » United States » Georgia » Macon March 19th 2017

Ocmulgee National Monument, Macon, Georgia If Russell Cave was a bit of a disappointment, Ocmulgee definitely was not. Ocmulgee is the name of a river that runs through here, and a thousand years ago the Indians built a very complex settlement. They were part of a civilization known as Mississippian, scattered through the south, but concentrated along tributaries of the Mississippi River as far north as Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio. They built huge earthen mounds, as large as football fields and as tall as fifty feet. Mostly, these mounds served as platforms, possibly as locations for other grand structures, such as temples or the homes of the elite. One of these mounds, the funeral mound here at Ocmulgee, served as a cemetery. It has been a rich source of artifacts for archeologists. In addition to the ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Macon March 18th 2017

Lake Tobesofkey State Park, Macon, Georgia One of the things I hate the most about these trips is driving through big cities. When you live in a town of 1900 people, even a trip to Taos can be a small nightmare. Dodging other cars, navigating unknown roads, and trying to find places you want to go is, well, difficult and even more challenging, the older you get. Having fun yet? Now add a 5000 pound trailer behind you, and then do it through the biggest city in the Southeast - Atlanta, Georgia. If you don't think that is enough fun, then do it on Friday afternoon, on a Saint Patrick's Day holiday when there are multiple accidents on the freeway and construction zones every ten miles or so. Now are we having fun? Well, that's what ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Macon July 5th 2015

…and again no wifi even though the Good Sam camping website said this campground had it. Oh well. We’ll do another RV park tomorrow and hopefully that one will have access. The park here is really nice. It’s a huge recreation area on a huge lake. People are out waterskiing, jet skiing, paddleboarding, party barging and good old-fashioned playing in the water. The drive here was interesting. The truck got down to just under ¼ tank so we started looking for a place to refuel. The problem was that we were again on highways driving through small towns whose gas stations closed long ago. The one or two functioning stations we came across didn’t have diesel. Of course. We made our way back to the interstate hoping to have better luck. A mile or ... read more
The View From Our Trailer
Turkeys Roaming the Campground

North America » United States » Georgia » Macon May 24th 1993

Geo: 32.8397, -83.6276The early Mississippian culture of 900-1100 AD built enormous mounds as temples, trading posts, and funerary monuments. Thoroughly enjoyed our exploration of this national monument.... read more
Burial mound and Macon in the distance
Earth mound

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