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January 21st 2009
Published: January 21st 2009
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"We consider ourselves bi-coastal, if you consider the Mississippi River one of the coasts" (Waiting for Guffman)
This shall be me no longer. I am so excited about my European journey that is about to begin. 6 days away! Packing only what i can carry on my back is becoming quite the challenge for this fashionista-accessory-lover. (I sound shallow, I know). Layers, will be my secret weapon. You cant get stopped in airport security for layers, can you? Now that I think about it...they did make me take off my jacket...hmm. "Everybody down! she has a tank-top beneath her t-shirt!!!" Moving on.
On my run tonight with Wilco (my chocolate lab) I couldn't help but get a little misty-eyed about leaving him behind on this excursion. He has been to the desert, the ocean, lakes, snow, hiked up mountains, and lived in the city with me. As I was reflecting on these fond memories, a creepy older man wearing Oakley's and windbreaker stopped me (I am running mind you) to ask me if he could dog sit more me....ummm...then asked 1) where I work 2) where I live 3) and yes, if I have a boyfriend. All of which I deflected with my polite, "I need to keep running" and nervous smile. (he was stalker creepy, not recently divorced and lonely creepy). These are the people I meet. Europe, I am hoping, will not disappoint. I have scarred away a circle of angry young men who threatened to kill me a couple of years ago (true story!). Creepy McCreepster at the park has nothing. "Lind, do you hang out in dark allies at night?" you ask. No, I am a very level-headed, cautious girl, and I believe the world is filled with 10xs of nice interesting people as creepy ones...but they are out there.
Ok, so now that I have written a bunch of silliness, I need to get back to taking care of business by packing.


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