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November 6th 2015
Published: November 25th 2015
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Interesting sign driving into Carterville
"She says": The Booth Museum was fantastic in Cartersville, Georgia. The paintings and sculpture were really have to take two days to really study it, but we only had the one day....but it was worth it. It was not far from where we were parked in the rv park in Brenan. So we just took the day and went up there. The next day we were headed to Cumming, Georgia for the week to see our grandkids, Jaden and Ryan. The weather wasn't great at that time.

He says", As we sit about 30 miles away from the mexican border in a small burg there is so much to look back on that we haven't recorded yet ( actually behind in doing the blog by probably ten stops and numerous sates) so we have decided to streamline this whole thing with more pictures and less comments...sorry....

As Sue noted the Booth museum was beyond words; an incredible display of western art that encompasses Remington sculptures to painting that left you enthralled and speechless. The admission fee is for a two day pass because to truly take the time to grasp the wonder of it all would take more

This is the Booth Western Art Museum....and here are my favorite pieces.....Gerry favorites are following mine.
than a day.....if anything....I left the museum and vey much desired to drag my easil out!!!!

For me to add any comments is best left unsaid as a pictue ( literaaly in this case) is worth a thousand words. Look through the numerous pictures and you will appreciate the talent and incredible works that were displayed; we could have enclosed much more of the many pictures taken but this littl dsplay will give you a flavour of what we saw. I will add of the many pictures and sculptures viewed the one that stands out as my favourite is the abstract.

Additional photos below
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I thought this was such a cool idea.

This is the room with all the canvas' on the wall and artists coming in and if they want to leave a drawing or sketch.

I thought this painting was the braves are gambling for the poor white mans cloths in the shade while the white guy is in the sun.

the detail in this painting is incredible; to achieve the look of fur the artist used a razor blade dipped in paint and applied individual strokes. Perhaps a little over done but it illustrates the artist's dedication to achieving realism....

a closeup; you had the feeling you could reach across and stroke real fur

Here was a huge painting of all the presidents of the 20th century.

This was a beautiful bronze sculpture.

This was titled "One armed bandit"

This sculpture was so real looking it surprised me. This is done with latex rubber and each hair is individually inserted into the face ...actually a little creepy

the flow and movement captured in a single frame in this sculpture leaves you in awe

26th November 2015

loving the blog
What a great job with the blog. You make me feel I am there with you. Oh! That's right, I wish I was. lol. Have a great time guys and see you when you get back.

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