Letting go of my piano

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December 11th 2009
Published: December 12th 2009
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Angelica is happyAngelica is happyAngelica is happy

Angelica has been watching them move the piano. They carried it through my house, then down the stairs, now up to the truck.
Hello friends and relatives, I haven't written in a while. Through unusual circumstance, I've had a mild, life changing event take place.
You may know that I have four siblings. All of us took piano lessons. The piano sat in the front sunroom and we were required to practice regularly. The other four did great on the piano and then moved to other instruments, the saxophone, the flute, the clarinet, and Gailey even moved from the piano to the organ. I was a failure. I hated practice. I could never memorize the keys or the measures, or the beat, whatever. Finally, my parents gave up after five years of trying to teach me the piano, and they gave me voice lessons.
After my parents passed away and we were selling the house, the furniture was divided and I took that old piano. I thought that maybe I could finally learn to play. It sat in my dining room, here in Atlanta, never tuned, never used, just another catchall for candy dishes, magazines, plants, etc.
A few weeks ago, after my gall bladder surgery (which, thank goodness, went very well. I don't even miss my gall bladder) I decided to
Strong young men!Strong young men!Strong young men!

It took several strong men to carry the piano.
give my piano to some friends' granddaughter who plays and doesn't have her own piano. Angelica, the granddaughter, called me and we arranged the day and time. She recruited several friends and her grandfather to help her move the piano.
I'm greatly relieved. In this life, I don't have to play the piano!

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Everyone togetherEveryone together
Everyone together

All together. The dollies bought earlier in the day didn't work to move the piano.
Negotiating the sidewalkNegotiating the sidewalk
Negotiating the sidewalk

Look how strong the men are!
Granddad watches the processGranddad watches the process
Granddad watches the process

Granddad, Bob, brought his lift truck and now watches the men move the load to the truck lift.
Good, there is a liftGood, there is a lift
Good, there is a lift

Great, it's a lift truck. They don't have to lift it up to the truck bed.

The piano is in the truck. Of course, now they have to get it in Angelica's house.

12th December 2009

Piano Lady
I understand the lack of skill with music ... duh!!! Trombone, ukulele , harmonica ... you name it!
12th December 2009

Great post, Mom!
13th December 2009

Almost on TV...
That was generous of you Mom! I won't really miss the piano either. As soon as I read this I thought of America's Funniest Home Videos - "piano moving" is one of their stock subjects; every couple episodes they have a video of some disastrous attempt to move a piano where it ends up falling down the stairs and splitting in half. I'm glad your move went better than that!
20th December 2009

A piano with history
Thanks for the delightful story of letting go of your piano. Playing the piano was a must for all four of our kiddoes, and they were reasonably good sports. But, alas, only one of them continues to enjoy playing as an adult. The other three gravitated to the guitar, and Jim continues to enjoy the piano as a great source of relaxation when he gets home from work. Our daughter appreciataed the experience and still enjos it some, but not to the same extent as as the piano-playing son. Our first piano for their practice was an old upright we bought from a friend, total cost one hundred dollars! It served its purpose well and was replaced by a first class one later, and now graces the living room of our daughter here in Atlanta. We enjoyed your story. Peace. Howard

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