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November 25th 2017
Published: December 3rd 2017
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It’s 6 AM and I feel this sharp pressure in my back, I’m opening my eyes and I hear “get up lazy boy”. We’re on vacation and we have flights to catch. As I’m falling or being pushed out of bed, I catch myself just before I do a face plant on the floor.

I hear Kirsten say from our bed, Good Morning Sunshine, the shower is waiting.

I crawl into the bathroom and pull myself up on the vanity. I’m thinking “This is going to be a long day”.

We’re all up showered and fresh, well at least Kirsten is. Drew and I are still half asleep, as we make our way into Kirsten’s car. Kirsten has already picked up Omi and they are both ready to go.

I drive to the Orlando airport, there is lots of chatter in the back seat between Kirsten and Omi. Their making plans about where were going and who were seeing. Drew and I are in the front seats grinning at each other. It was so good to see Drew this Thanksgiving.

Everyone is happy, Kirsten, Omi and I are off to Germany’s Christmas markets. While Drew is spending the day in Orlando seeing his friends before returning home to Phoenix. Wow, never thought I would be writing that line.

I pull into the B side of the airport and Kirsten has the door open and her foot out before I even have the car in park.

Drew is giggling, she’s ready for vacation dad. Yeah, ya think!

As Drew pulls away Kirsten, Omi and I walk into Delta’s check in area. Ok, change is happening, the check-in process has again changed. Not that I can’t handle change, as I remember Will at Darden writing on my review that I need to be more open to change. Hmmm, amazing how your career just keeps popping up in life.

After multiple tries at checking-in, Kirsten pushes me out of the way and wizzes through checking-in Omi, herself and me all the while rolling her eyes at me. I was just trying to fully analyze the new system.

We make our way through TSA without any issues, well not entirely I got totally felt up because I had two pennies in my left pocket.

We get to our gate and were early, that’s good. So, I stroll down to the earlier flight and asked the gate agent if there are any open seats.

Yes, 2.

I ask the gate agent to put Kirsten & Omi on and I run back and grab them. While the agents are ushering them onto the flight. Kirsten turns and is blowing me a kiss and saying I love you.

With my best puppy eyes, I wave Kirsten & Omi goodbye and I’m off to the bar for a beer.

Yes, that beer tasted fantastic, as I’m taking a drink I received a text from Bea. “I see your having a beer”.

WT#$%, can I not even hide for one #$^% moment. I’m looking around over my shoulder for Bea or a camera pointing at me. Then the second text arrived, “LOL I see Kirsten and Mom got of the earlier flight”.

I text back, Yes, I’m sitting at my gate waiting for the, agent to call my name, as I take a long drink from my beer.

Finally, I get on the plane, last row, window seat good thing I had that beer(s) before getting on. (Always pay cash, can’t be traced)

I arrive in Atlanta, being in the last row window seat means your last one of the plane. Ok, the pilot is the last one off.

As I enter concourse A, Kirsten and Omi waiting for me. “What took you so long?”, I was in the last row window seat. Bea says you had a beer, WHAT, no way honey not without you.

As were working our way to concourse F, Kirsten leans over and says I was worried you wouldn’t make it. Hey, relax I’ll always made it.

The Atlanta Airport is so busy. Everyone going home from Thanksgiving. It was really cool watching everyone, so happy and getting into the festive season.

We work our way into concourse F and get some lunch. We found the FSU and UF game and watched FSU beat UF. Sorry all you UF fans.

After the game, it was nap time we found some nice couches next to our gate and I was out for my nap.

Until, I get a punch in my ribs and hear Kirsten say wakeup, we’re on, I get up and follow Kirsten to the gate.

Yes, another successful analysis performed. Not only are we on, but we’re all up front. I just want to say I put a lot of effort into this analysis and it pays off.

Great meal, Great movie and yes, Delta selected a superb Rioja. The flight over the pond was Great!

Good Night!


3rd December 2017

Always enjoy your blog comments
I always enjoy reading your travel comments. I get it. I could sense all the hustle and bustle of the airport in Orlando and Atlanta -- but we didn't have to be. Vicarious travel. The next best thing if we're not actually traveling. Keith & Jim

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