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May 3rd 2020
Published: May 3rd 2020
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When the news came out that the pandemic had taken over Europe I was still working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Now almost two month later we are still stuck on the ship.

I know that this is a very hard time for everyone and while I would have liked to go home and spend time with my family, I also consider myself lucky to have experienced these times the way I did. I know my family is save back home in Germany and I am being take care of on the ship. The only thing that brought me down a little bit was that my boyfriend is stuck on a different ship and even though our ships were docked in florida most of the time we were never docked in the same port.

Actually while my family and friends back in Germany and England went into full lockdown, we still had the privilege to walk around on the open decks and go for a beer in the evening. Of course there were restrictions and we had to keep our social distance. But we managed to still have a bit of a social life.

While days
Family of dolphins Family of dolphins Family of dolphins

These guys had been following the ship for quiet a while. Catching fish and playing in the waves.
were pretty long I decided to stay positive and enjoy the small things in life. I woke up early every day to watch the sunrise and I started to take walks on the open deck. You would be supprised how much wild life you can spot from the ship. We moved between the Bahamas and Florida and I managed to spot a lot of dolphines, sea turtles, birds, manatees and even a hammerhead shark. The last one I was very excited about.

A few days ago we were moved to a different ship and we got the exciting news that the ship was going to Europe. Now I am enjoying sitting on my balcony watching the ocean and listening to the waves and hopefully be the end of the month I be reunited with my family 😊

I hope everyone is doing well and stay safe.

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This was pretty exiting. This guys was chased through the water by a bunch of dolphins.
Sea turtleSea turtle
Sea turtle

Whilr docked in the Bahamas I stared observing sea turtles. The water was so clear you could see them swimmer under the surface. And once in a while the poped their heads out.
Mama and baby manatees Mama and baby manatees
Mama and baby manatees

While docked in Port Canaveral I spotted these two swimming by.
Moving shipsMoving ships
Moving ships

This made me really sad. My boyfriend moving ships. But we still not on the same one. Even once we get home we have to wait another few month till our countries will open their boarders to internatinal travel :(
Seagulls invasion Seagulls invasion
Seagulls invasion

Its hard to enjoy your breakfast with these guys watching your every move

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