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March 30th 2006
Published: March 30th 2006
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Mary and ThommoMary and ThommoMary and Thommo

On Fort Pierce beach, windy day!
Our first ever Greyhound experience started in Miami and carried us to Fort Pierce. We sat outside the station in North Miami waiting in anticipation for the bus to turn up. It was 40 minutes late and the other passengers were growing impatient. When it turned up we gingerly lined up and entered the bus, managing to get a seat were we could sit together. We have been told some nightmare stories about the buses since arriving in the States, however it turned out to be a comfortable journey. The biggest difference was the sounds. In the UK people our quiet on the buses, this greyhound trip was rather noisy, with people shouting on mobile phones. I have never seen so many people trying to carry so much on a bus! Bags and bags full of stuff! Overall though I would say that the Greyhound bus was ok. We have a lot more trips to make on them, am hoping that the rest were like the first!

When we arrived in Fort Pierce we were met by some of Adam's relatives in a gold Cadillac. Such a nice massive car, with a V8 engine! They took us for dinner at
Me and Thommo on Fort Pierce beachMe and Thommo on Fort Pierce beachMe and Thommo on Fort Pierce beach

Windy day!!! Lovely beach.
the Golden Coral; an all you can eat buffet!! It was definitely an experience none like any in the UK!

We have been staying with Mary and Merrit in their Condo; a picturesque village type settlement with a few pools and manicured lawns. We spent our first day on the lovely beach. It was rather windy but the beach is so clean here and not busy at all. I would recommend anyone wanting a quiet relaxing time to come here.

We also visited a mall, goodness me! They are massive, need a rest just walking from one end to the other! And clothes are so cheap.

There is still a lot of damage in this area due to hurricanes Frances and Jean that hit here in sept 2004. Most people are still trying to rebuild their homes here, even the richer people. There just does not appear to be enough trades men to do the work. There are still trees and other structures leaning to t he side. They are living in hope of a calm hurricane season this year. Although we have been informed that accommodation prices are still rising in the area!?

I have
First Greyhound ExperienceFirst Greyhound ExperienceFirst Greyhound Experience

View from the bench at greyhound station! (Miami North)
tried a few american southern dishes, grits and corn bread. Thommo tried gravy and biscuits for breakfast!! All the food is pretty sweet. Should be right down my ally with my sweet tooth, but most things are still too sweet for even me!

We are leaving soon for Orlando, Disney World and tacky trinckets here we come!!


24th April 2006

The beach looks lush xx

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