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April 25th 2018
Published: April 26th 2018
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Morning seemed to come extra early today.....hey, can you tell me what day it is? They seem to be blending in all together now. It was like the sun shone all night. Why, you ask. Because all the bay lights are left on throughout the night....??Sunshine On My Shoulder??. We could have closed our blinds but it didn’t appear anyone else was around.....wrong! After settling in for the night and finally getting to watch TV, Cory jumped up as he saw a big guy at our windshield level looking inside our RV! Of course, he ran to the door/window to find out who and what was going on. The guy obviously didn’t think anyone was in our RV, even though we had our lights on. He just wanted to see what it looked like inside. The tall, moveable stairs that the workmen use are all over the place in these work bays and we had three sets around our rig. He selected the one closest to our door. Howdy...Welcome to our RV! A real Peeping Tom! Not wanting to get ahead of myself but just now (8:00 PM tonight) 2 men came to our door and just wanted to chat about motor homes. They had never owned one and now have bought a used one. Cory sized them up and went outside to give them his lengthy spiel about all of his experiences. He’ll be back inside probably in 5 hours. You want to chat?....you’ve come to the right guy. I write in a circuitous manner. Cory is very loquacious when he gets going.

So this morning, we headed over to our confinement room.....the big waiting room. “Hi” everyone! We know them all and they know us. It’s becoming to be like one big family now. Welcome to our neighborhood. Lulu needed her coffee and took her place right next to the unique coffee maker. Remember I earlier mentioned it is different than most...using little sacks of coffee, hot chocolate, latte, tea and more to operate it. Most folks have no clue even where to start with it. Cory has become the in-house barista here and helps everyone make their desired drink. He learned by trial and error (there are instructions on the wall) until he mastered the complicated sequence. The newbies are thankful for his assistance. It keeps him busy. Hasn’t received any tips yet....just a lot of thanks.
Front of the Exit-10 restaurant Front of the Exit-10 restaurant Front of the Exit-10 restaurant

Looks just like an RV

Today, we didn’t do too much off the grounds. Went across the road to an Arby’s and filled up on their sliders. Didn’t order too many cause we are going to one of our favorite restaurants for supper. I wandered through the restaurant asking all the folks if any of them were truck drivers.....none! This Arby’s is located at a T&A truck stop so wouldn’t you think almost everyone was a trucker there? The only reason I wanted a truck driver was to ask what bobtailing was. We saw a sign in the parking lot that said “No bobtailing allowed to park here, etc.”. A non-truck driver said a bobtail was the big cab of the semi truck....without its trailer. I like learning something new everyday. This was my tidbit for today....Wednesday? Right?

Cory drove around the Lazydays Campground where we have stayed before. Not busy....lots of sites available. They have a very unique restaurant attached to their Rally/Community hall. It is called Exit 10 (our location (Lazydays) is at Exit 10 off of I-4). The restaurant is built like a huge, huge motor home. Mud flap says Phaeton (like ours!). The back end is on the outside wall. The front end and entire side of the RV restaurant is within the one end of this big community hall. It was closed....opens at 3:00 PM. The inside is styled like the inside of an RV....mostly but on a larger scale. It has a big bar in it! That would really set your motor home off as a very special one. You would have to keep you door locked or everyone would be flooding in for a pop. It is something to see. Wish you were here to share a pop with us! Cheers!

Lulu went cuckoo inside the big rally building. She was in awe. She didn’t know what to do first. She got on the stage to make an announcement from the podium but it was too slanted and she rolled off. She gave her speech from the floor. Her time to play corn hole. She made a successful throw but it was with her head that landed in the hole. She tried anyway. Over to the arcade games....she loves them. Tried shooting a few baskets. Found a “holey” wall to climb. Nothing frightens her. She and Cory shot a game of pool. She refused to leave the pocket though....shameful. Finally she played a solo game of ping-pong. She managed the paddle with her mouth. She has a good head on her missing shoulders.

We sat around their big pool for awhile. Just 2 people swimming and I’m there with a sweater on....what’s wrong with this picture. I’ll tell you....every place we go they have their air conditioner cranked up to max! Brrrr. Even Lulu wants to wear my mittens....but, remember: no hands. In our big waiting room, I either have to go outside or use a blanket on the inside. What do they think? That only Eskimos need RV service? Crazy!

Heading towards our car, we spied a trolley coming down the roadway. It stopped right next to us. Great! The driver welcomed us and said jump aboard and she would give us a ride. We did that without hesitation. I love trolley cars! This was a cute one. We drove off as Lulu made herself right at home. She and Lisa, the driver, hit it off immediately....almost like blood sisters. It was sweet to watch. Lisa picked up another couple on the grounds and took them to where they wanted to go. We just made the circuit with her. It was fun. So was Lisa.

We came back to our familiar home of the frigid waiting room. Hey, friends! We are back. Some don’t have a tow car so they are prisoners here. We are lucky we can use our car. One friendly couple who have been with us since Monday are named Paul & Gail. I’ll always remember their names because they are the same names of 2 of my cousins. I only have 3 cousins so I can remember them all easily and fondly. My youngest cousin is named Maryellen. ?

The work on the RV today was all on our fogged up windows. They had trouble cleaning up our door window....saying the discoloration had “baked”into the glass. They suggested a new window that they had in stock for an extra $23. Rats but okay. Go for it. Rats again, the window they had didn’t fit our unit so back to step 1 we went. Our service tech worked very hard on them and did the best he could. But....they aren’t perfect. They are much clearer but they still have some streaks and spots. Such is life. I may get another decal ......maybe. We threw out the witch one we used all winter. Maybe I acted too fast. It’s not a situation that prevents us from operating our RV so life can go on. I’m sure if Lulu is seen looking out the window, she won’t be called Miss Smudgepot Face. Remember, she is sensitive to ridicule. We could have left late this afternoon but decided tomorrow would be better. We still have to pay the bill. Maybe we’ll have to return to the casino and hope that Mr.Lucky does his stuff again. No matter, we shall wave goodbye to Lazydays tomorrow morning ....time? Your guess is as good as mine. And then we shall proceed with our hefty ride back home to New York. “New York, New York”....here we come. Any one of you who needs to be dropped off along the way....just pull the stop cord and we’ll let you out. Just like being on a trolley but no ticket needed. You have a free ride when traveling with us. Pretty good, huh?

This evening we went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in the area. If you didn’t know about this place or have a GPS, you would NEVER find it. It originally was an old fish camp along some railroad tracks. It is called Willie’s Restaurant...the Place for Seafood. It used to be called Fat Willies. Not sure why the name changed. Offensive to some? A deterrent to others? Or did Willie go on a diet by not eating here anymore (lots of fried seafood). No matter....it is a quaint and rustic place with a busy, older style decor. Plus the food is delicious. Tonight was “all you can eat” of 6 choices of seafood. Cory started out with double shrimp and I ordered shrimp and catfish. Delish! You also get 2 sides plus hush puppies. Check it out if you are ever in the area but be sure you have a GPS.

That’s it for now, folks. We hope you haven’t been too bored hanging out with us during this lengthy service call. But put it in perspective - remember the year we went to Red Bay, Alabama where our RV was made? We were there for one month for service! ‘member that? We had many fun and memorable times during that “visit”.....even though we thought it was going to be horrible. It wasn’t because we made lemonade out of our lemons. It’s all how you decide to deal with it: fun or frown. We prefer fun. And when you are with us, it is always fun so please, stay on board. Now, get some rest for the road trip home. You want to stay alert so you don’t miss any details as the wheels on our bus go round and round....round and round. Yawn!

Almost forgot....27 photos so don’t miss all of them...continuous scrolling and changing pages.

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Playing pool with CoryPlaying pool with Cory
Playing pool with Cory

One in the corner pocket!
I love trolleys I love trolleys
I love trolleys

It’s called the Jolly Trolley

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