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North America » United States » Florida » St Petersburg January 18th 2015

Dali Museum side by side with Picasso... read more

North America » United States » Florida » St Petersburg September 8th 2014

Since I worked so hard and so late all week, I decided to splurge a little and got upgraded on my flight from Doha to Amsterdam - it was worth it. Comfy chair, great dinner, nice neighbor, and well deserved rest on my full layout chair. Yay! Plus, when you fly business on KLM, you get these little houses that are models of real houses in Holland and have a history to them; they are supposed to be filled with some kind of Dutch alcohol, but since this was an Arabic flight, none was with it. I still thought it would be a nice gift for my dad's bar. The guy next to me said his wife collects them, so he was picky about which house he got - but he asked the guys in front ... read more
The Last Supper
St Petersburg First Friday
Excited for autocross!

North America » United States » Florida » St Petersburg July 24th 2014

Thursday became a kind if spontaneous road trip day! When we left chateaux Herder we weren't even sure if we were going to stay away for a night or not, so we packed over night bags, filled a cooler, and tried out our new insulated water bottles (I'm SURE there will be more on that topic later) We headed west towards Tampa and St Petersburg along roads which time had forgotten! The only tourists out there would be very very lost tourists! I wanted to stop and take pictures of some of the very old falling down abandoned houses. Patty informed me that people wouldn't take kindly to some random woman taking pictures of their homes! I genuinely thought they were abandoned! Ha! On our way to the west coast the weather turned and the sky ... read more
The giant bridge to the sky
From inside the Dali museum
Dali museum

North America » United States » Florida » St Petersburg November 4th 2013

Here we are back enjoying the quiet and solitude of Fort Desoto, a Lee County park in the Tampa Bay area. Our first night was fun, cocktails at sunset at the picnic table, BLT's (fab fresh Georgia tomatoes), and a game of gin where I was accused of cheating. Mostly relaxing, reading, and a bit of bird watching on the private little beach in front of our campsite. Two restaurant recommendations - Tony & Nello's for FAB Italian food and Sea Critters on Pass A Grille for wonderful seafood. We just love the Pass A Grille area where we visited an artsy boutique (wait til y'all see the cool sundress I bought), caught sunset at the beach (they ring a bell to signal the exact moment the sun slips into the Gulf of Mexico), and had ... read more
Rustic Camping With Wes
Fort DeSoto Sunset
View From Camp Store

North America » United States » Florida » St Petersburg September 20th 2013

Finally, this blog carries news of the accident and subsequent medical attention that I'm sure most of you that read this blog have been hoping for... a chance for a bit of Moore chaos and calamity on tour! The day started of beautifully with clear blue skys and a morning wakeup call from the ducks. Overnight we had left the awning up and hadn't realised just how much rain had fallen but it was pretty 'bowed' holding about 2 foot of water when we woke up and I was surprised it hadn't split the awning open. Opting to let one side of the awning down gently to let the water run away I unhooked the clip, completely underestimating the weight that was up there. The clip gave way, the arm collapsed and hundreds of gallons of ... read more
Bonnie and Clyde ride again!
Pelican on St.Petes Pier
The tour group head along the pier

On the road again Perjantai kello 17.00 – lauantai kello 12.00 matkustettiin New yorkista Atlantan lentokentälle vuokraan autoo. Bussimatkan välipysähdykset oli Washingtonissa, Charlotessa ja Atlantan keskustassa, josta otettiin metro lentoasemalle. Pisin matka Washingtonista Charlotteen tehtiin yöllä ja saatiin kohtuulliset unet seittemän tunnin bussimatkan aikana. Koettiin olevamme autovuokraamolla jo niin pirteitä, että uskallettiin hypätä rattiin. Oltiin etukäteen varattu economy –luokan auto. Paikanpäällä vuokraaja anto meidän kuitenkin valita vapaasti kaikista rivin autoista meille sopivan. Innostuttiin vähän ja päätettiin amerikkahengessä ottaa tilavampi amerikanrauta dodge vm. 2012. tiedettiin kyseessä olevan jonkun asteinen bensasyöppö, mutta iso koko (nukkumista varten) ja amerikkahenkisyys viehätti siinä hetkessä. Lisäks ajateltiin, että uude... read more
usan vanhin puukoulurakennus

North America » United States » Florida » St Petersburg December 10th 2011

Here are a few odds and ends from our trip. You might note that one of the "sea things" had a little help from man. These were on the beach at Grand Manon Island. There's one blog yet to come -- the restoration of Cass, the old lumber / railroad town in West Virginia. Paula... read more
fuchsia x
balloon-lady x
balloon-creation x

North America » United States » Florida » St Petersburg November 8th 2011

The NEW Dali Museum headed the to-do list for this trip to the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. It opened in January 2011. The Dali is located at 1 Dali Boulevard, St. Petersburg, Florida. The Michelin Guide calls it “among the ten buildings to see before you die.” It's worthy of the accolade! Salvador Dali, one of the fathers of the Surrealism art movement and arguably one of the most complex and controversial artists of the 20th century, was born in Spain. The US was his second home. He attributed much of his fame and fortune to America and American themes like exploration and discovery by Columbus crop up frequently in the art. We had experienced Dali’s work in St. Petersburg previously at the "old" Dali Museum. I say “experienced” because, while intriguing, it takes some time (and ... read more
Hallucinogenic Toreodor
From the Stairway

North America » United States » Florida » St Petersburg June 23rd 2011

This is an attempt to log my month long study abroad session in The Hague, Netherlands and Lausanne, Switzerland, with hopeful stops in Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Munich, Zurich, Zermatt, Basel and Lucerne and wherever I end up... I fly out of Tampa on 6/30, with a stop in Canada and then land in Brussels on 7/1 and I leave from Zurich on 8/1... I will attempt to put as much as I can down but with actual class to attend, I do not know how much time I will have between books and travel.... ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » St Petersburg March 24th 2011

St. Petersburg likes to call itself the Sunshine City. It gets quite a lot. In 1910, the St. Petersburg Evening Independent newspaper instituted a famous offer that the paper would be free if it rained that day. In their seventy six years of publishing, they had to make good on the offer 296 times, less than once every three months! For obvious reasons, this city has attracted tourists since it was founded. St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art St. Petersburg is also known as an arts destination. It has a large number of galleries. It also has two of the better art museums in Florida. These museums were my first targets for the day. The St. Petersb... read more
Outside of Salvadore Dali Museum
St. Petersburg Waterfront Park
The last green bench

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