Ruskin and the area around our campground

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February 11th 2011
Published: June 30th 2011
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1: elephants at Busch gardens 43 secs
2: flamingo march 1 23 secs
3: flamingo march 2 10 secs
We enjoyed our time here and have to say environment wise it was one of our favorite campgrounds. There was a large enough pond for Bob and Chris to take out the Porta Bote and fish and they had BINGO at the recreation center where Chris won a round which he was very excited about and we were excited as well as it gave us laundry money for the week.We had a neighbor from Alaska and another neighbor gave us directions to a manatee viewing center at the Tampa Electric Power Plant I wish that the photos were clearer of the manatees as there were many in view but they only surfaced briefly, afterwards we went to Goodson's strawberry farm for some fantastic strawberry shortcake. While here we also went to Busch Gardens in Tampa we didn't have the camera with us as I didn't want to lose it but I did take a couple of videos...lots of fun but still like the park in Williamsburg better. We did get to see a roller coaster under construction which was pretty cool. The last thing that we did was spend an afternoon in St Petersburg strolling the shoreline at sunset and down to the Pier where Chris and Bob took the elevator to the top while I stayed with Casper. We had supper at Five Bucks which was one of Christopher's favorite restaurants on the trip as they had no less than 15 dishes with bacon including deep fried bacon and chocolate covered bacon (which they were out of ;-( ) and while there we asked what was being set up and it turns out there happened to be a block party that night. We spent a few hours there enjoying the atmosphere

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Our Alaska neighbor

a better view of the plate, believe it or not this is the third time that I've seen an Alaska plate and I've never been to Alaska it was all on the East coast

Bob and his fish

Chris with his fish, Bob is looking on....I think this is the only time in the trip they actually caught anything

This was the pond at the campground which was fairly large

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