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North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine February 25th 2021

Mom and I were leveling up our morning routine by taking our breakfast to the outside patio. We would now eat while listening to the waves and breathing in the Atlantic air. The harsh New York winter was melting away from our memories with every absorbed ray of sunshine. Our St. Augustine itinerary for the day was Castillo de San Marcos, historic downtown, and finally a ride out to the mythic Fountain of Youth. Castillo de San Marcos was part of the National Park Service so once again we were subjected to covid bureaucracy. Even though, it was quite a large open-air fort they would only let in 100 visitors at a time. This led to a long line forming outside, given the fact that they wouldn’t let one group enter until an equal number of ... read more
Castillo de San Marcos
Defending the Fort
Columbia Restaurant

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine December 19th 2019

Friday, December 20th, 2019 Day 1 So it all started with an episode of Expedition Unknown. Josh Gates introduced his viewers to a little book called The Secret-A Treasure hunt. The book was written by Byron Preiss and was a treasure map of sorts. He buried 12 casques, in 12 North American cities, each containing a key that could be traded in for a gem worth $1000. All these casques were buried almost 40 years ago and only 3 have ever been found. I was intrigued, so I joined the community of people who were searching for the treasures (most, like me, only just learned of them from EU.). There is a painting and a poem associated with each city that give clues to where the treasures are buried. I began pouring over the clues and ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine March 2nd 2019

This journey is planned to escape the cold Michigan winter. I will be cycling along the east coast of Florida from St St Augustine to Key West. It will be an opportunity to not only enjoy warmer weather but get an early start for my 2019 biking adventures. My goal for my first biking trip will be to pace myself and enjoy the scenery. We'll see how it goes. Looking forward to this adventure.... read more
Flowers - Copy

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine August 6th 2017

Dimanche six Août, on se lève à neuf heures, aujourd'hui, on descend encore vers le sud, vers la Floride. On va visiter la ville historique de Sainte-Augustine, qui est considérée comme la première ville des États-Unis, fondée par les espagnols en 1565. On arrive vers midi, il fait près de 37 degrés, c'est un choc en sortant de la voiture si bien climatisée. On se dirige vers les portes de la ville historique. On voit juste à coté le Castillo de San Marco, un fort militaire construit par les espagnols du temps où ils possédaient la Floride, c'est à dire jusqu'en 1763 quand ils doivent la céder aux anglais à l'issue de la guerre de sept ans, en même temps que la France perdait ses colonies du Québec. La ville historique est traversée par la rue ... read more
Saint Augustine - Les portes de la ville
Saint Augustine - La rue Saint Georges
Saint Augustine - La plus vieille école en bois des Etat-Unis

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine May 25th 2017

The long journey begins with a few baby steps. The original plan was to leave tomorrow and head directly to Atlanta. But that turned out to be close to 500 miles, a bit much for the first day. So we decided to leave a day early and head for St Augustine to take at least 100 miles off the Atlanta trip. Besides, we were getting anxious to get on the road, so why not. The morning began uneventfully, with Jody convinced, of course, that we had forgotten something. So far we haven't found anything forgotten, but it's too late now. We generally avoid interstates whenever possible as battling for the road with 18-wheelers at 80+ mph is not really my idea of a relaxing drive. So we headed out FL434 to FL419 until we turned onto ... read more
St George St
Castillo San Marco - Jody at the Entrance
Castillo San Marcos - Ranger Explains Cannon Shot

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine April 19th 2017

Faver Dykes State Park, St. Augustine, Florida This traveling stuff does get to be a lot of work. We thought we were adjusting for our old age and the exhaustion that comes with all of this having-fun-work by dropping in a down-day every now and then. But we are finding that even the down days aren't altogether restful. Yes, we do sleep in, and almost always get a nap, but we also have maintenance work to do like grocery shopping, laundry, and trailer cleaning. Those things not only take time, but they take energy and add a bit of stress to the day - where, for example, do we find a laundromat? Or a grocery store? We are thinking that maybe we need to throw in maintenance days to take care of the chores and errands, ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine April 19th 2017

Fort Matanzas National Monument Castillo de San Marcos National Monument St. Augustine, Florida We had two options for Easter Sunday, and picked the one we thought would be less crowded. We encountered a surprise, but the day was a huge success anyway. If we were birds, Fort Matanzas National Monument would just be about 5 miles away, across some marshes and onto a barrier island. But we don't fly and we don't canoe, so we had to drive about 15 miles to the National Monument. When we arrived we were met with signs saying that the ferry boat ride to the actual fort was out of service. Last fall, Hurricane Mathew decimated the dock out there and, as the NPS budget is tightening, they haven't had the money to replace it. That means visitors are limited ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine March 22nd 2017

Each time we walked over the bridge today we looked eagerly for the dolphins, but they did not reappear. It was great to see them yesterday though. Today, we caught the shuttle bus from stop 16 to the Alligator Farm. Neither of us knew what to expect, but we were both pleasantly surprised. The park has many huge open spaces full of alligators and crocodiles etc. Dotted around were machines where you could buy food for them for 25 cents and the animals seemed to know where these machines where. They did look to be very well looked after and fed, as they were not really that interested if you threw feed towards them. There were also a couple of areas exhibiting other animals and mammals from around the world which were very interesting. Up in ... read more
Spanish Military Hospital
Old woolworths store
Our transport for the day

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine January 10th 2017

Anastasia Island Location of Anastasia State Park This is a very nice state park. The camp site is not too far from the ocean, One is because there is a good café for breakfast nearby and a small grocery store called Plant City. The lighthouse and museum are next to the park.... read more
Anastasia Island Lighthouse
Anastasia Island State Park
Windy US flag

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine November 5th 2016

Jeff and I went to St. Augustine, Florida in early November to celebrate the wedding of one of his former divers. I initially wasn't terribly excited about going to Florida as I thought anything outside Miami would be flat, humid, and full of boring planned communities. My interest was piqued, however, when I cursorily googled St. Augustine and I discovered that it is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States and that there was a lot of history there dating back to the 16th century. Everything I read about St. Augustine made the trip more appealing and so I researched things to do and sights to see with more enthusiasm. This entry first records some of our non-touristy experiences over the weekend and then some more touristy things we did. Experiences The Tourist Dollar ... read more
Florida School For the Deaf and Blind
Florida School For the Deaf and Blind
Castillo de San Marcos

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