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North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine May 25th 2017

The long journey begins with a few baby steps. The original plan was to leave tomorrow and head directly to Atlanta. But that turned out to be close to 500 miles, a bit much for the first day. So we decided to leave a day early and head for St Augustine to take at least 100 miles off the Atlanta trip. Besides, we were getting anxious to get on the road, so why not. The morning began uneventfully, with Jody convinced, of course, that we had forgotten something. So far we haven't found anything forgotten, but it's too late now. We generally avoid interstates whenever possible as battling for the road with 18-wheelers at 80+ mph is not really my idea of a relaxing drive. So we headed out FL434 to FL419 until we turned onto ... read more
St George St
Castillo San Marco - Jody at the Entrance
Castillo San Marcos - Ranger Explains Cannon Shot

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine April 19th 2017

Faver Dykes State Park, St. Augustine, Florida This traveling stuff does get to be a lot of work. We thought we were adjusting for our old age and the exhaustion that comes with all of this having-fun-work by dropping in a down-day every now and then. But we are finding that even the down days aren't altogether restful. Yes, we do sleep in, and almost always get a nap, but we also have maintenance work to do like grocery shopping, laundry, and trailer cleaning. Those things not only take time, but they take energy and add a bit of stress to the day - where, for example, do we find a laundromat? Or a grocery store? We are thinking that maybe we need to throw in maintenance days to take care of the chores and errands, ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine April 19th 2017

Fort Matanzas National Monument Castillo de San Marcos National Monument St. Augustine, Florida We had two options for Easter Sunday, and picked the one we thought would be less crowded. We encountered a surprise, but the day was a huge success anyway. If we were birds, Fort Matanzas National Monument would just be about 5 miles away, across some marshes and onto a barrier island. But we don't fly and we don't canoe, so we had to drive about 15 miles to the National Monument. When we arrived we were met with signs saying that the ferry boat ride to the actual fort was out of service. Last fall, Hurricane Mathew decimated the dock out there and, as the NPS budget is tightening, they haven't had the money to replace it. That means visitors are limited ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine March 22nd 2017

Each time we walked over the bridge today we looked eagerly for the dolphins, but they did not reappear. It was great to see them yesterday though. Today, we caught the shuttle bus from stop 16 to the Alligator Farm. Neither of us knew what to expect, but we were both pleasantly surprised. The park has many huge open spaces full of alligators and crocodiles etc. Dotted around were machines where you could buy food for them for 25 cents and the animals seemed to know where these machines where. They did look to be very well looked after and fed, as they were not really that interested if you threw feed towards them. There were also a couple of areas exhibiting other animals and mammals from around the world which were very interesting. Up in ... read more
Spanish Military Hospital
Old woolworths store
Our transport for the day

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine January 10th 2017

Anastasia Island Location of Anastasia State Park This is a very nice state park. The camp site is not too far from the ocean, One is because there is a good café for breakfast nearby and a small grocery store called Plant City. The lighthouse and museum are next to the park.... read more
Anastasia Island Lighthouse
Anastasia Island State Park
Windy US flag

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine May 24th 2015

The inlet in St Augustin is know for its high surf. We took a bitting on the way out and one of the waves was 10 ft high. Everything flew across the boat and a few things broke as we turned north into course. The ride was pretty uncomfortable and we took the next inlet in Jacksonville, Fl to go inside the waterway and be protected. We moved slowly but safer.... read more
 20150524_DSC6056 Fort Lauderdale- FL to St Augustin- FL
 20150524_DSC6058 Fort Lauderdale- FL to St Augustin- FL
 20150524_DSC6062 Fort Lauderdale- FL to St Augustin- FL

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine May 23rd 2015

To make the story short…My job was done in the Westport 112 as the owners didn’t have any more trips planned on the yacht for the rest of the summer. Luckily Fort Lauderdale is full of boats this time of the year and there is plenty of work around. The yachts are coming back from the Caribbean season and Bahamas to head to the Med, Alaska and the West Coast of US and Canada. …Or to do the traditional East coast USA. I didn’t want to waste time looking for the dream itinerary and miss the season so just grabbed the first opportunity. I got offered to join a Lazzara 116’ and chef for the owners and crew. We had a few days to get the boat ready and provision. We departure early to bit a ... read more
 20150524_DSC6052 Fort Lauderdale- FL to St Augustin- FL
 20150524_DSC6125 Fort Lauderdale- FL to St Augustin- FL
 20150524_DSC6076 Fort Lauderdale- FL to St Augustin- FL

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine December 18th 2014

Fort Menendez, Historic Pioneer Village, Historic Spanish Village, Historic Indian Village. The student were engaged in hands on learning.... read more

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine December 18th 2014

St Augustine Lighthouses St Augustine Alligator Farm Castillo de Marcos... read more

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine December 17th 2014

Just arrived at the visitor center.... read more

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