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January 12th 2015
Published: January 13th 2015
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The one about the pain of getting your RV serviced.

I still feel pretty good about my choice of not watching the later part of The Golden Globes last night. As I watched TV this morning, yes, I missed George, but…..what I did notice ALL the reporters talking about was the Fey/Poehler monologue, and trying to explain it! I must not have been the only one who didn’t get it. I feel vindicated, but I am as guilty as those I accuse, because I am still talking about it.

I did not sleep well. I was hot; I was cold; the dog woke me up; I had to pee, you name it I tossed and turned. I woke for good at 5, dozed until 6 easily broke camp to head across the huge property for my service appointment at 8. I checked in at 7:50 but my service rep, Stephanie, was running a little late so I had to wait. At 8:30 (growl) she checked me in after I decided on the “Diamond” service with the extra oil change and generator service. Uh huh. (Silver Service is basically oil change, generator check, tire pressure, batteries, the important mechanical stuff, but no RV parts…..) Mechanic Barry would check everything from stem to stern, all the belts, air filter (perfectly clean, I saw it, so it didn’t get changed) check tire pressure, yadda yadda yadda, as well as all house pumps, seals, the slide glide and levelers. I kept Winston in his crate and walked over and had breakfast at their Café. At campground check in I was provided 6 coupons, 3 for breakfast, 3 for lunch, a nice perk. Breakfast was a healthy portion of scrambled eggs, 2 sausage links, hash browns. I could have had toast, opted for the no gluten meal. All drinks are always free, so I had OJ and coffee. Stephanie told me Moya was in bay 15, and it wasn’t. Back to her desk, phone call to Barry, yes it was in bay 15, I must have missed it on the way around. My iphone health app says I walked 2.59 miles today, just back and forth from the lounge to Moya, and walking Winston. My knee really hurts, and walking also hurts the tummy, so I tried to do all very slowly. I had nothing else to do, so I just took it easy. After falling asleep in the lounge with Winston’s head in my lap, I decided to go sit us in Moya and work on paying bills. Stephanie found me at 2 and showed me pictures Barry took of my roof. The caulking has shrunk away from the edges and really must be replaced. I know this, most RVs have their caulking replaced every 2 years at least ,and this is Moya’s third trip to FL and she sits outside all summer…….Add another expensive service to my Diamond service. Groan.

You might remember that when I had her serviced in 2014 I showed Stephanie the area of bubbled paint on the hood. She got approval to replace it under warranty, but it would take 10 weeks to get the part. I would be home in NC by then. She told me to give her 3 months notice and she would order the part for this years service, and, good to her word, the part is here and painted the right color!! At 2:00, Stephanie told me Barry would not finish my work that day….???huh???? I was welcome to spend the night in the service bay or go back to the campground and return in the morning. I opted to stay in the service bay, just easier. As everyone left at 5 I noticed there are 3 other big rigs right near me with owners staying in them in the service bays. One man, older than me, has been here a week while he tries to get warranty approval from the manufacturer of his 5th wheel to repair or replace the windows that have pulled out of their frames and don’t close easily. His rig is as big as a small house!! The couple next to me are wondering how they are going to sleep, as they don’t have enough room to open their bedroom slide. Barry told me he would get me out by noon tomorrow. I hope so, but all I do is go back to the campground for one more night. Good thing I planned this extra day here, and I will ask for a credit for the night at the campground that I actually spent in service.

I spent the afternoon paying my bills (wifi is AWESOME here) and talking to a HS classmate about plans for our upcoming mini FL reunion on 1/31. We have 230 on our email list, so all got a mail merge email with the details…..more on that when it happens.

It poured most of the afternoon, so I guess I am happy I am under a roof, but I still can’t take Winston out for a walk because he won’t go anywhere in the rain. Playing computer games was a very satisfying and relaxing way to spend the afternoon, for sure.

I sautéed chicken tenders and added them to a hefty salad for dinner, with strawberries mixed with Activia (helps the tummy issue), a very satisfying meal. Winston is a little rammy right now, he wants to run around, but there is just no place and it is still pouring. A quiet night of TV and crocheting for sure. And contemplating what my Amex bill will be next month. Painful.

Kat out


13th January 2015

Your trip sounds wonderful! I love following your adventures as the bring back such wonderful memories of the trip cross country that my husband and I took with our two kids. We ended up spending the night in a fenced yard of an RV Repair Shop. Keep writing us as I love hearing about your adventures! Safe Travels Barbara Wolk
14th January 2015

Thank You
Thanks, Barb. Nice words. Miss all my coffee girlies, laugh, but not enough to come home early. See you soon.
14th January 2015

Love Your Blog
Hi Kat, I have enjoyed your blog from the very first time that I read it. I remember reading it for the first time late at night when you had a lot of catch-up entries. I stayed up to the wee hours because I couldn't stop reading it. I have been running the WNC C.A.T.S. group and we were just talking about you at our last meeting. I was telling them how much I was enjoying your blog and asked if anyone else was getting it. We reminisced about our CATS meeting at your house where some of us met you for the first time. We also talked about how you mentioned that some of your dishes and serving pieces you used that day belonged to your mother and how that made you think about her. A lovely thought. Since I grew up and went to school on Long Island I also enjoyed reading about your last reunion there. (I lived in Sea Cliff and went to North Shore High School in Glen Head). You sound like you are really having a great time and your stories make me laugh. Even when you're going through some tough times you sound like you don't let it get you down. the occasional "growl" and "groan" - I feel your pain :) You keep writing and I'll keep reading! Thanks for sharing. Mary Catherine
14th January 2015

Thank you
Hi MC. Yes, I remember that you are running CATS this year. I am no longer a member of WNC. I decided that I travel too much and was not taking advantage of the opportunities any longer. I miss attending CATS!!!. Please tell everyone I said hi. I am humbled by the number of people, almost 100 per blog, that are reading it! I enjoy writing about the interesting things I see and people I meet. I have a few good stories for today. I can't believe you remembered that tidbit about my relatives on my table. I served 19 for Christmas Eve, and added a new relative to the table setting, my daughters new mother in law. She no longer wanted an old set of Christmas dishes, my daughter hated them, so I now have them. My daughter was surprised how good they looked and I told her she couldn't have them back. I always wanted Christmas dishes!!! I had forgotten you were a LI girl. It was very strange going back. I know I could never live there again. I am busy planning what I call a Mini FL reunion for MHS64. Attendance will be limited, lots of excuses why people can't come, but we will have fun anyway. Thanks for the nice comments. Kat

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