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February 11th 2013
Published: February 12th 2013
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We're back! We've landed at Lazydays. We knew this relocation was on our agenda...just not sure when AND not sure for how long. This visit is for the repair of our damaged side compartment door from that sneaky rock in Pennsylvania on Dec. 31st. Lazydays called the other day and said to be here today. We packed up and closed up the RV and left at 8:00 AM this morning. It only takes an hour to get here (Tampa). Lulu has been having a good time since arrival....she always takes full advantage of the situation no matter where we are. Just a party gal at heart. The fancy new RV Lulu checked out in the photos was just wishful dreaming...we didn't buy it even though she cried and carried on. Too bad, Lulu...not this time. I think we will be here for the long haul. When they called, they said 7-10 days. They have to make a new door, repair and refinish some dents and dings on another, replace the big metal wheel (rim) and as an extra treat: repair a few other scratches and marks we have collected over time. Our broken door was removed today and will be sent
Vacation HomeVacation HomeVacation Home

We're here
out to an outside, local, metal body shop. They should start work on it tomorrow.....yeah, right. Maybe it will be back by Thursday (they say...Hah!...yeah, right) but neither of us, plus Lulu, are holding our breath. WHEN the door returns and is all fixed, then they work on the smaller dents....painting the door and surrounding area spots ends that part of the ordeal. It takes a couple days to dry. It finally ends up in the chassis shop for the wheel (rim)replacement. When all that actually happens....your guess is a good as ours. Any crystal ball readers out there? Having experienced RV repairs in the past.....remember our life at Red Bay for a month, we have learned we have to go with the flow. Now we set no date for expectations....that way we are not disappointed when that date comes and goes. Ignorance is bliss. We look at this as taking a vacation while on a vacation. We have dug out our big water cooler to start squeezing our lemons for making some lemonade. I wish it would taste like the delicious stuff we drank at the Portafino Hotel at Universal Studios. Yum! Better yet, if only I could get

Under the snow may you find this
some Butter Beer...better than the Triple Chocolate Fudge Coca Cola Cake at Cracker Barrel which I was sure nothing could ever beat. Tonight we shall be living in our RV inside the workbay.....actually we are parked in front of the bay since we are just in a holding pattern until they really start working on the RV....we don't qualify for a bay YET. Call us outcasts if you must. We are plugged into electric so have TV, air conditioning and lights. We have water in our fresh water holding tank so we can use the sinks, shower and toilet. We don't put the living room slides out, just in the bedroom. We navigate up and down the RV through a narrow channel. I knew it was wrong to devour all that food at Cherry Pocket. It makes it close and cozy anyway. We have to be out of the RV by 8:00 AM....that will be a bummer. Sweet Dreams!

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On Board AgainOn Board Again
On Board Again

Cruising in her RV
Waiting Room Waiting Room
Waiting Room

Having a cup of coffee
The Work BaysThe Work Bays
The Work Bays

Our RV is located "on top" of Lulu's head

Trying the shower in a fancy new RV on the grounds

This bed is just the fancy, new RV
Cozy by the FireplaceCozy by the Fireplace
Cozy by the Fireplace the fancy, new RV
Entertaining the fancy, new RV
By the PoolBy the Pool
By the Pool

Where the fancy, new RV is located

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