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North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota October 15th 2019

Sorry I didn’t get the word out fast enough. You would have enjoyed our side trip to Sarasota. Don’t feel that bad, though. You weren’t the only ones who didn’t join us. Lulu was feeling subpar so decided it was best if she stayed back at the RV. She is SOOoo considerate! She’s rallied back around since our return today. Hallelujah! Our oldest daughter, Lory, has come down to Sarasota, Florida for a week. She is here gaining more business training for her company, ARVOS LJUNGSTROM ( Air Preheater Co.). It is related to her job as a system analysts. It is a very detailed and complex course related to the deep internal working of computers. Far more that I can explain let alone understand. Duh! We decided to spend some time visiting with her in ... read more
Lory’s Hotel
Lory’s room with exercise equipment
Lory’s room

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota March 22nd 2018

blog 03-22-18 Exploring Myakka Watson and I have been prowling the park for birds and animals to photograph. We found a hot spot by the dam for some water birds and alligators and the fun part is to walk along the lake or walk through an oak tree, palm tree hammock to get there. There are some wild flowers attracting butterflies and song birds hopping around overhead. There was a snowy egret standing in the stream catching small fish and he was so happy to be there he didn't mind having his spirit stolen by my camera a hundred times. Picture. Watson was an angel and just stood by me watching people go by or smelling the weeds. I couldn't let him go more than 6 feet from me or he could be alligator bait. The ... read more
check out that big mouth
yellow swallowtail
52 passenger antique airboat

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota March 20th 2018

18 Birds! at least Some We arrived in Mayaka River State Park after a lovely ride through some of Florida back country. Orange groves with that smell of orange blossoms, cattle ranches and lots of "old Florida". What a refreshing change. It was pleasing to see we had a nice large site quite close to the restrooms with lots of shade. The whole campground is in an old oak forest with the trees towering over us. There are palm trees mixed in and the ground cover is palmetto palms. Pictures. Camp was set up in about an hour and dispite the fact that I was tired Watson really needed a walk so we hiked up the road til there was a glimpse of the lake. We sat on an old tree limb, Watson sits up there ... read more
raccoon prints in the mud
wild iris
our great campsite

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota February 24th 2017

Sun and Fun Friday the 24th I left Lake Kissimmee and headed toward Sarasota. I decided to take the back roads and see this part of Florida's countryside. The speed limit is 60 on most 2 lane roads and it is safe to go that speed since there are few side roads and no shopping malls. There are orange groves that smell heavenly, cow pastures and other farms crops all over and it's nice to be in a rural setting. My GPS took me on some really small roads as we got closer to Sarasota then I was on the BIG roads with lots of traffic and stores. I found the campground Sun and Fun and checked in and was escorted to my site. It was in the middle of a city. There are 1800 sites ... read more
Nell's winter house
Watson running in the huge dog park
2 of his buddies. The black fuzzy dog adopted Watson

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key December 20th 2016

We're home, we're well, and we're wishing you a very Merry Christmas.... read more
Daily beach walk
Found a Christmas tree at the end of the walk

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key March 5th 2015

Here we are again! We’re back at Turtle Beach and amazed that some of the folks we met year years ago are here. We’re all like the swallows of Capistrano – returning in chronological order. On our first night we all gravitated to our sunset spot, Richard, the California guy, blew his conch as the sun slipped into the Gulf of Mexico and his wife, Sue, conducted as we ladies sang the Turtle Beach song. “Take me out to the campground, take me out with my friends, buy me a bottle of AppleJack, etc.” It is a wonderful mixed bag of fellow campers. A very young European couple are camped next to us – sleeping in their car. A family of 6 is tenting. The younger children are home schooled – the older girl is in ... read more
Our Signage
Camp Outdoor Kitchen
The Conch Blowers

March 10th – Myakka Park On Monday we visited Myakka River State Park, one of the oldest and largest parks in Florida. The river itself is designated a Wild and Scenic River. The park is a wildlife sanctuary, not a zoo or a botanical garden, so it is not outwardly beautiful, and animal sightings are not guaranteed. We took both the guided boat tour and the tram tour and we learned a lot about the native plants and animals as well as the history of the area. Originally, the 28,000-acre tract was a fertile prairie, ideal for cattle ranching. Today, due to various factors, most involving human intervention, the area is quite different. So now the State of Florida has several programs in place to either reverse the changes or at least maintain the status quo. ... read more
Gail with Black Vultures on Myakka Lake
Here's Looking At You
How Many Alligators Can You Count

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key March 4th 2014

We arrived here last week in Sarasota and were at first a bit disappointed. This is a huge park, very densely populated. However, the pools, hot tubs, and other amenities make up for the tight un-landscaped sites. The people are also very friendly: we were warmly welcomed into the shuffleboard games held each morning. Our first venture out and about was to Siesta Key Beach, named the #1 beach in the country. The sand is indeed white and soft. Yesterday we visited the John and Mable Ringling estate, a beautifully landscaped 66-acre complex. We first toured his extravagant Venetian style mansion overlooking Sarasota Bay. All the furnishings are originals as John and Mable were the only owners. After their deaths the house was gifted to the State of Florida, so every thing we saw was as ... read more
Site Photo
Gail at Siesta Beach
Ringling Mansion 1

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota February 10th 2014

Hello everyone Before I set off to meet Mickey tomorrow I better get a few days of blog up to date. Suz and I have continued to have excellent weather hot and sunny , sometimes a wee bit humid but we are not complaining and I am well aware that the photos I am sending are brightening up the grey days of rainy England for some of you. So after cruising we got our rental car and set off from Tampa south to a town along the Gulf Coast - Englewood where we had a few days Intervac Hospitality exchange and were hosted by the lovely Sharon and Theron...thank you both...and I look forward to seeing you at my home in the summer. for those three days we zoomed around and enjoyed Venice Beach, Sarasota and ... read more
Great Wall Murals
Sarasota and Venice
Houses in Burns Court Sarasota

It was pitter pattering on the roof again this morning but the sky looked brighter and the weather man assured us all that the clouds would clear by 11 am. I had fallen asleep at 9 last night and it was now 8 am, 11 hrs, guess I was tired. Oscar never made it' to his bed last night, we shared. I got my blog together from the day before and got that off while I had my wonderful coffee. The shower this morning was much better as the day was warmer. I remembered that I had to check the schedule for the tram today to see if they were running so Oscar and I walked to the landing again. Boy, can you ever tell that it’s Saturday, there are people everywhere. So I bought my ... read more
roseate spoonbill
white egret w mating plummage
wood stork

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