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November 16th 2006
Published: November 16th 2006
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Donkey TruckDonkey TruckDonkey Truck

Can't get more southern than donkeys in trucks.
Aside from splurging on a new pack for the trip ... look at my pack ... which can be very exciting -- provided it shows up on time -- I have but one tid bit for you'uns this evening (I can still say you'uns 'cause I ate lunch at a soul food diner today and what with the turnip greens and fried okra it powered up my southern speak like magic mushrooms to mario).

I took a walk today ... and despite my drug-celibacy since ... well, not that long, but long enough for clarity of mind ... despite technically being fully emerged in reality, I felt crazy stoned ... Although I think my soundtrack may have had something to do with it.

I was listening to this mix by Aadam Jacobs (c/o Los Seguros CD club) and it was all trancy and weird and I was walking along the edge of what Floridians call a "lake" and I call a man-made swampy puddle of stank, and there was this bright, bright orange butterfly butterfly-ing right along side me and it just looked so forged ... like when CGI was just getting off it's feet ... like when you're having an hallucination

Okay, so she's not two-headed ... or bijon. But I'm stickin' to my story ... regardless, Forest said I had to have pictures ... and I do everything Forest tells me to.
and you know, no matter how mightily the chemicals are trying to convince you, there's just no way ... like, you know that once you get around to doing a double-take whatever it was you saw, well, it won't be there the second time. Neither was this butterfly. WEIRD, right?

I did, however, meet a pair of conjoined bijon guard dogs.

And you thought the butterfly was weird.

(don't worry, I'm not exactly sure what I'm talking about anymore either).

Just a word: If any of you are getting emails, re: this blog (ew, I hate that word), that you don't want to be getting ... let me know and I can make it stop ... I won't take offense.



16th November 2006

yo geeza
thailand shmiland, when do you go again? gouda doesn't look like a puppy any more. OMG what else????
16th November 2006

'sup bird
I leave the 24th ... as you can reference in blog #2 biAtch. And of course Gouda doesn't look like a puppy ... she looks like a tornado dog (oh, and she's almost 3 - jezuus, right? what with time flying and all)! And you will totally lose the privelege of commenting if you carry on w/these OMG's. (and, naturally, by not commenting, I mean don't stop, keep 'em comin' luv)
25th November 2006

sorry late on commenting
babe, i'm so southern that i just found a computer that has i win that contest (i don't think that's a good thing) your donkey picture would be more southern if it was a mule and he was riding in the back of the pick-up. (those trailers are too fancy for everyday use) and what did you do to gouda? it looks like you put her picture in one of those spin-art things everyone owned in the early 90's.

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