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North America » United States » Florida » Saint Petersburg December 6th 2012

Dear Friends -- These are photos taken during our drive back home in mid-October. The first photos are of the Saturn IB rocket in Huntsville, Alabama where it was built. The next photos were taken at the Little River Canyon National Preserve located on top of Lookout Mountain in Alabama. Next we visited my cousin Lyn, her husband Brooks, and Sylvester the Cat at their farm in Kentucky. The last photos are of Rainbow Springs where we spent our last night. Several years ago Bob and I kayaked into the town of Dunnellon from the campground, had lunch, then kayaked back, about a three hour trek. At that time the springs were almost crystal clear from the source to the town and so beautiful. They're still beautiful, just not quite as clear. And this is the ... read more
Saturn Legacy sign
Little River Canyon National Preserve
Little River Canyon (2)

North America » United States » Florida » Saint Petersburg January 29th 2012

Kristina’s Cafe 3590 34th St N Saint Petersburg, FL33713 (727) 526-6673 This is a bit of a combination blog, partly a food blog and partly a travel/adventure blog. It is the St. Petersburg Amateur Radio Club’s annual after-the-holidays party that was hosted by Kristina’s Café in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is an interesting concept, the after-the-holidays party. From November through New Years there are big meals, lots of guests, preparations and decorations galore. With the passing of New Years it all suddenly stops. The end is a welcome respite from the hurried activity of the holidays but it is now kind of empty, a big vacuum. The after-the-holidays party fills the void with a minimum of fuss and bother. It is casual dress, meet at the restaurant, eat, drink and be merry with good friends, and ... read more
Chocolate Chip Pancakes
My Burger and French Fries
Bacon Mushroom Cheeseburger

North America » United States » Florida » Saint Petersburg January 7th 2012

Albert Whitted Airport AWAPS 451 8th Avenue SE St. Petersburg, FL 33701 Phone: 727-822-1532 • Fax: 727-820-0303 The relics and mementos of history are all about you. You just have to recognize what they are. For the curious, finding a true connection to history is personally rewarding. If you are in St. Petersburg, Florida and are seeking aviation history then you need not look further than Albert Whitted Airport. Situated on a promontory jutting into Tampa Bay, Albert Whitted Airport forms part of the shoreline of downtown St. Petersburg. It was from St. Petersburg that Tony Jannus began the first scheduled commercial airline flights way back in 1914. Jannus made the less than a half hour flight to Tampa and return trips in an open cockpit Benoist flying boat, a bi-wing aircraft that flew across ... read more
My Cheeseburger
Cherry Pie

FLORIDA – TAMPA, ST. PETERSBURG After a 20 hour train ride we arrived in Tampa Florida the sunshine state. Warm weather, lots of sun hours and lots of ocean, sounds like Noordwijk but then without the warm weather and the sun hours. Nancy and uncle Bob picked us up from the station and brought us to Seminole Fl. Which turned out to be not in Tampa but closer to St. Peters-burg (what do we know:)) We arrived at uncle bob and aunt Jenny’s house where aunt Jenny was welcoming us in their nice house. We had our own bed room and bath room and everything was taken care of:) After we updated each other about both families they invited us for dinner at a buffet restaurant, completely wrong for me of course because with my eating ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

North America » United States » Florida » Saint Petersburg February 13th 2011

The last post from the St Petersburg area, basically just wanted to show what a great block party it was... read more
sunset 1
sunset 2
sunset 3

North America » United States » Florida » Saint Petersburg February 12th 2011

More pictures from the area. These are from the Manatee Viewing Center. I am also adding a video from the hurricane experience with Chris at the manatee center and one of the new roller coaster at Busch Gardens that was supposed to debut this I am way behind in my posts if anyone has seen the new coaster (I believe it was called Cheetah Chase) you can compare it to when it was still under construction... read more
manatee facts 2
manatee facts 3
manatee facts 4

I LOVE America! Florida is the third state I've been to and I wasn't disappointed at all. The people were very friendly and the food... Oh! The food! Just thinking about the American food makes me drool! Steaks, Doritos, and blue Oreos! Couldn't believe it when I saw blue Oreos in Walmart! Anyway, enough about food! On the 29th of June 2010, I left Dublin for a 9-hour flight to Orlando and this was my first time on the plane by myself (I'm eighteen by the way :D) Slept the whole way through, ahh! When I arrived, I couldn't believe the amount of security checks I had to go through before I got out of the airport. An hour and a half after I arrived, I finally got out of the airport, met my swim coach ... read more

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