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December 16th 2018
Published: December 27th 2018
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Holy COW! One year of Marriage already?!?!

Let me start with an apology to all of my followers as I have been MIA for about a month or two. So, hopefully by the end of this week, I can have a few posts of our excursions since then.

Secondly, like I said before, it has been ONE FULL YEAR of marriage to my amazing husband, Blake. Where do I begin? Most of my followers are also close Facebook family and friends, so you have seen my sappy post already, but here has what Blake and I have accomplished over the past year:

- first move together across state lines
- first trip out of the country together
- first move out of the country (AND back)
- financial struggles
- sickness
- health
- richer
- poorer
- immigration
- lost identification (or rather misplaced)
- tests of faith
- poor singing
- really poor dancing
- and finally, a move in a Typhoon

I think I am done with the sappiness, so I will move along. As I mentioned, we are back in the USA and living with friends in Orlando, Florida, until we get back on our feet financially since our return from China was last minute.

For our first anniversary, we took a day trip an hour and a half away to beautiful St Augustine, Florida. It was about 73°F and sunny. We opened the sunroof, turned up the stereo to our favorite songs and hit the road.

Arriving to St Augustine the sun was approaching sunset. The St Johns River meandered through savannah grasses. Egrets and cranes littered the canals as Blake and I walked the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park.

If you are a history buff, this place is for you! It reminded us of a bit of Savannah, GA mixed with New Orleans, LA, and the quaint of Wilmington, NC.

We started out at the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park (discounts for AAA members) where we drank the fresh mineral water from the same spring Ponce de Leon did 500 years ago. The employees were knowledgeable and kind. Different activities and shows were occurring around the park, included in the price of admission. We got to the park late in the evening, so there was only one planetarium show and the final cannon fire of the evening. Persons dressed in era appropriate wear were giving demonstrations of blacksmithing, cannons, and daily life of the times. Upon the Spaniards arrival, they “befriended” (haha) the Timucua Indians.

Little grassy huts and a missions house depicted the settled area. A watch tower near the cannons gave a bird’s eye view of where the St Johns River meets the Atlantic Ocean. We could see a sailboat in the distance and it’s white sails against the background of a blue sky was serene. A long pier like walkway allows visitors to look at the gorgeous views along the marshes.

Memorials for the Timucua Tribe as well as the landing of Ponce de Leon & crew with period flags are scattered amongst the grounds.

From the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park we went to downtown St Augustine and all it’s Christmas Glory! St Augustine has consistently been ranked by National Geographic as one of the best displays of Christmas lights.

It was rather brisk, but the center of town square had a giant Christmas tree and all curtain ding trees were adorned with Christmas lights. Trains were meandering through the streets playing Carols and offering historical tidbits. Parts of the area reminded me of Colonial Williamsburg. After an hour or so, we were hungry and wanted our one year cake...even though it was in VA. So we got Publix cake and chicken tenders for dinner. And drove home ...

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