BHB Night dive……And got my visa to the French West Indis Yipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Published: April 6th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Last night I had a lot of expectations because of many reasons: I love night dives, I haven’t done the site in over 2 months, I knew the froggies are around and my buddies kept really busy last night dive they did.

SK and I started the dive looking for that one sea Urchin that Susan M noticed it had a pregnant squat lobster.

While looking for it SK found one of the F. Marcussorum on a shell stock to a seaurchin in the area that Susan M showed me an orange amphipod the Tuesday before. He brought it to me like a beautiful bucquet of flowers. The current was so strong in nudi world that was taking my setup and me like a flag. I burned 500 psi just getting there but we really wanted to find the pregnant squat lobster. I had trouble positioning and didn’t have a light holder on top of the housing, which made it a very difficult dive. The current also took the purpullina north 😞 and my subsee when I flipped it open. I almost lost it.

Despicte of the difficulties I managed to find lots of learchis, different types of dondice, the white nudi with the black speckles-photo is really bad. , 4 bumble bee hiding in the grass, a flatworm for Linda (I only included a “pol” photo since it quickly vanish in the hydroids), a shrimp, octo and finally a baby searobin the red kind. About 3 inches big.

I never found Judy’s precious yellow tiny froggie. I didn’t have the chance to get to the area I saw it last. And I am sad because I am going to have to leave town without seeing it one more time.

To top the night off when we got home we noticed a bit of water in the housing. The camera didn’t get wet and we don’t know where it was coming from so I don’t feel like taking the camera I want to be just a spotter on Sat. I am on a chill mood and don’t want that kind of stress. We decided to skip Friday dive and relax.

Additional photos below
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6th April 2012

night dive
great shots mena, i have a subsee 10 and an inon 165 and find the subsee makes me crazy with the balance issue. such a heavy piece of glass! but great shots after all the difficulty. glad you posted and have fun in fwi
7th April 2012

10th April 2012
Stripped Bumble bee

Perfect shot!
So rare to see this species shot where you can see both eyes so clearly - the antenna are usually in the way, and your perfect focus makes the eyes really pop out like little jewels. Very nice!
11th April 2012
Stripped Bumble bee

Thanxxx Chris. What a nice comment :)

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