Monday Waiting for the Electrician

Published: October 24th 2011
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One thing we’re relearning about cruising is that you never know where you’ll have to lay ‘over. For right now it is Panama City while we wait for a marine electrician to work on our chart plotters and VHF. Strange things can happen on a boat ( aka sea gremlins) for no known reason. For example, the navigation track that Cap’t Rog puts in at the lower helm is not showing up at the upper helm. Also, we want the emergency signaling system on the VHF to work without fail. This is especially important as we prepare to cross the Gulf.
So, we make the best of this down time. The weekend was relaxing, except for a boat wash and laundry. Of course, we had to tackle another restaurant. This was a mom and pop BBQ place; Great Food. Since we have ready access to freshly caught shrimp, we had to go out of our way to secure some Horseradish to add to our ketchup for cocktail sauce. We’re looking forward to this treat. Wandering around this harbor we saw some interesting things. The outside of the Shrimp Boat restaurant is made to look like an old river ship. A unique tree near the boardwalk has some interesting birds carved right from the dead tree. Gives me an idea for some tall dead stumps we have at Piseco.
Where do we go from here? IT DEPENDS… the Cap’t says. If the electrician gets his stuff done by noon, we’ll head east and anchor out on our way to Carabelle where we launch the overnighter on the Gulf toward Clearwater. If not today, we’ll head out early tomorrow and go further. Rog has his eye on a front and some serious weather brewing on the Gulf for later in the week. What does that mean? We may have to sit in Carabelle, too. Oh, well, things could be worse. The real worry is: Will we ever be able to get up early and put in a full day of “real and important” work?

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24th October 2011

Just found blog
I forgot that you told me you had a blog so Gene suggested I 'Google' it. Sure enough it popped right up. Glad to hear that you are making progress but please keep an eye on the weather. There is a storm south of here. Too early to tell what direction it is headed. Looking forward to welcoming you home in PG.
28th October 2011

We're tucked in at Caladesi
Where will you guys be on Sunday. We might hit Sarasota. Rog has a nasty caugh and needs some meds. Of course, none are available at our remote Caledesi.

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