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September 18th 2009
Published: June 6th 2017
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We had asked about early entry for OnSite Hotel Guests and were told that we could get into the parks 30 minutes early so we headed over to Islands of Adventure where we were going to start our day. We found out that the Early Entry was only at Universal Studios so we went over there. There was a whole group of Brazilian Tourists going into the park so we were a little concerned about crowds but we went into the park ahead of them. We decided to go ride the Mummy.

Turns out the Brazilian Tourists were having a private event on the lawn in front of the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit so we headed right past. We were stopped by an employee who told us that the only two attractions open for early entry were Jimmy Neutron and Shrek so we stood and talked to her for a while until they opened the park officially. We were the first people to ride the Rip Ride Rockit and the only people on our train. When we got off we went to view our ride video only to find out that, like the night before, the video didn't work. The worker told us to go ride it again and see if it worked. The line was still short so we took a second ride on it and got the video.

Next was the Mummy. Then we grabbed some breakfast at Starbucks then went to Men In Black and the Simpsons. We were going to go see Terminator but the next show wasn't for about 35 minutes so we decided to head over to Islands of Adventure.

In Islands of Adventure we rode everything in Seuss Landing and then walked through The Lost Continent and past the new Harry Potter "Island" that will be opening up next Spring. We rode Dueling Dragons in what is currently The Lost continent but will be part of Harry Potter and then it was time for our lunch reservation at Mythos. Steve had a Chicken wrap and I had Blueberry crusted pork.

After lunch, we decided that we would walk back through Seuss Landing and head over to Marvel Super Hero Island because the construction of Harry Potter made it difficult to get over to the other islands and we wanted to do the wet rides at the end. So, we rode the Hulk, and Spider Man before heading to Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Barge Rapids and Dudley Do Right Rip Saw Falls. If you know anything about these rides, there is absolutely no way to come off them dry. We were dripping wet! Then it was off to Jurassic Park River Adventure. That was the end of the rides at IOA and, since we were wet, we decided to go ride Jaws at Universal Studios. On the way through, it turned out that Terminator was starting in 5 minutes so we went in. Then off to Jaws and finally we went to see Shrek.

We decided to go to the pool and swim for a while before dinner since we were already drenched. There weren't many people at the pool other than a group of people who had imbibed in what appeared to be a large amount of spirits. They were loud and obnoxious and even entertained the whole pool area by singing God Bless America. It was quite a show.

We had a 7:50 dinner reservation at Kouzzina by Cat Cora at the Boardwalk but decided to go over early to see if we could be seated. Turns out there was a no-show and they seated us immediately. The food was delicious! This is a great new restaurant and a place we would recommend. The service was a little slow the the food was great. I had a Pastitsio, a “Greek Lasagne”, and Steve had a Flank Steak that the server recommended. We started out with an appetizer that was three separate dips with pita. There was a yogurt dip, a olive and fig dip and hummus.

We then decided we needed to go to Beaches and Cream for some ice cream. Steve got a sundae with peanut butter and chocolate and I got a mocha shake. Then it was a couple of laps around Crescent Lake to work off a little of our dinner and dessert.

We then went back to the hotel and packed because we were moving to Kidani Village at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge for the next two nights. Lights out was around 12:30 and then, at around 2:00 I was woken up by either a fight or a party going on somewhere near our room. I laid there trying to decide if I should call the front desk when Steve woke up as well. We figured out which room it was coming from and called the Front Desk to ask them to do something about it. They sent a security guard up and the people were quiet for about 10 minutes until more people joined in. Finally, around 3:30 Steve called the front desk again where he was told that “people party hard at the Hard Rock” he asked to speak to the hotel night manager who said that he would get the situation taken care of immediately. We heard the phone ring and then the party was over and we both fell asleep around 4:00 only to both be awake around 5:30….who need sleep on a trip like this.

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22nd September 2009

Jealous You guys were jealous you weren't invited!
22nd September 2009

Re: Jealous No way - we seriously just wanted to catch some zzz's because we were running hard during the day and had a busy itinerary ahead. :-P
28th January 2012

I had this dish last year while in Orlando. It is the best I ever had- would walk back to Orlando for another dish otf it!

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